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My Etsy Shop September Sale

I’ve not really done much to promote my own Etsy shop but I think now is the time. The weather is now getting cooler and I’m sure my cowls would be appreciated as well as my gloves. I have a gorgeous baby blanket for sale as well and I am planning on adding a few more baby items. I have decided to reduce the price of my makes in the hope that I may have my first sale sometime soon. So here are the items in my September Sale.


Batik Swirl cowl

This is my cosy Batik Swirl Cowl. It has a dappled effect and is in a graduated colour with a picot edge. Perfect to pop around your neck on a cooler day. Sale price is £10.80 and I offer free P&P

blue graduated cowl

intricate crochet cowl, handmade to feel soft and warm around your neck. The colours are a graduation of blues from a King Cole Caron Cake. Add an extra layer of warmth around your neck, under your coat or on it’s own. The cowl is and infinity scarf so it has no ends, just pop it over your head and away you go. Currently on sale for £9.90

pink cowl, infinity scarf

Lovely soft hand crocheted infinity scarf in graduating shades of pink. Slightly longer to give that scarf feel but easy to pop over your head without having to knot. Currently on sale for £9.90


graduated shawl in soft coloured wool

This is a handmade shawl from soft graduated coloured wool. The graduated coloured shawl has a blueish picot edges around three sides. There are some more detailed photos on Etsy.


fingerless gloves

Soft and snuggly fingerless mittens or wrist warmers. Handmade in a lovely soft blue wool with a white trim. Fits small to medium. I’m wearing them in the photo and I have quite skinny wrists (7inches) and fingers, but they will stretch a little. Great for keeping your hands and wrists warm while leaving your fingers free for todays technology. I use the same at home to keep my hands warm while I’m working on my laptop. Currently £6.75

orange fingerless mittens

Feel the warmth in these lovely orange fingerless mittens/wrist warmers with a dark emerald picot edging. Hand made with soft wool. Will fit small to medium size wrists, 7-8 inches. Keep your wrists and hands warm while having your fingers free. Thumb also has a little emerald trim. £6.75


brick pattern little bag

Hand made crochet bag. This little bag is made from mosaic crochet in a brick pattern with crochet handles. It’s burgundy in colour with a graduated grey and pink brickwork pattern. It measures 8 inches (21 cm) in width and 6 inches (15cm) tall with a further 6 inches for the handles. Currently on sale for £7.20

Baby Blanket

Baby blooms baby blanket

Soft and sweet baby blanket, handmade crochet in soft DK baby wool. Pastel colours creating a selection of flower panels, each one unique. Flower bed border around the edge.
Approximately 40 by 36 inches, perfect for babies cot or pram. This blanket was a lot of work and is really pretty, it’s currently on sale for £27.

Thanks for taking a look. If you are a member of Etsy I’d really appreciate a view and maybe a favourite on my items. Being a new seller I don’t get much traffic. Even if you don’t buy anything you can help me get noticed a little more. Thank you in advance. xx

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Spring is Here and so are the Flowers

I love to crochet, but you know that. One thing that is lovely to make is flowers. So, just because the sun is shining today, I’m bringing you a few lovely floral designs from Deramores. I’m an affiliate so if you do click through and purchase I may earn a little money. Thank you for your support.

Flowers Pot

I think this may be my project for this afternoon.

Mothers Day CAL Blanket

I really love this, if only my kids could crochet!

blue and pink blanket with flowers and heart and the word Mum
Mothers Day Cal Blanket, pattern £1.50, kit £25


These three daisies look so cute in a vase and would last longer than real flowers.

flowers in a vase, crochet
Daisies, pattern 50p, pattern and wool £11.50

Orchid Cushion

How sweet is this cushion!

orchids on a cushion
Orchid Cushion pattern £1, pattern and wool £14.10, pattern wool and cushion insert £20.10

Baby Blooms Blanket

I am loving the delicate colours and beautiful design of this blanket. It’s definitely on my to do list.

baby blooms blanket
Baby blooms blanket, digital pattern £1, pattern and wool £18.50

Daisy Brooch

Such a simple yet effective brooch to bring a little flower to your lapel.

daisy brooch
Daisy brooch, pattern 25p, yarn and pattern £7

Happy Garden Flowers Throw and Cushion

A perfect gift for a gardener, or just to enjoy your garden on those cooler days.

cushion and throw covered with flowers
Pattern free, pattern and wool £29.56

Have you seen anything that catches your eye? I’d love to know if you make anything.

You can see some of my crochet here in my Etsy Shop.

More of my crochet posts can be found here on this blog.


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Great Ideas for Valentines Crochet

It’s not too late to hook up a quick Valentines gift. Here are a few great ideas for Valentines Crochet.

*This post may contain affiliate links

Valentines Crochet Blanket

Valentines crochet red and white blanket with hearts design

Perfect for Valentines Day or even an Engagement or Wedding gift. This gorgeous blanket is made in Deramores Studio DK, one of my favourite wools to work with. The entire kit is only £22 or pattern for just £1

Loop Heart Cushion

Make one or the whole set of three of these wonderful romantic loop Heart Cushions.

Valentines crochet heart cushions

Starting with just the pattern for £2, and the kits with cushion pad for £13.00, to all three cushions for £25.

Love Heart Bunting

Looking for something quick and easy but full of heart. How about this gorgeous red bunting.

Valentines crochet bunting

Buy the pattern for just 50p or the kit for just £2.40. Simple but affective.

Cute Sweet Love Hearts

Who can resist these sweet little love hearts by EmKatCrochet.

Cute sweetheart keyrings

Purchase the digital pattern for 50p, or buy the yarn and pattern for £11.99 and the Yarn, patttern, eyes, stuffing and keyrings for £21.99 There is even a video tutorial to help you along and you can make several little hearts.

Love Teddies Valentines Crochet

How very cute is this project. These teddies are full of love and would make a perfect gift.

two cute grey bears holding a red heart that says I love you and have the letter spelling L O V E on their paws.

You can get the details here: Pattern only £1, Pattern and yarn £5.99, Pattern, yarn, eyes and stuffing £11.50

Valentines Crochet Hearts

This pattern is for some cute, easy to crochet hearts that can be used for all sorts of decorations. You could even just stick one in your card! Here they are displayed amongst flowers for the complete romantic look.

Valentines crochet hearts in a bunch of flowers

The pattern for these hearts is just £1.50, but you can buy it alongside 3 balls of Patons DK in Nougat, Red and Nectarine for £13.20. You can make lots of hearts.

Love Heart Valentines Crochet Cushions

These are so cute and would make a sweet gift for anyone. You can make just one or all three, it’s up to you. Each one measures 41 cm (16 inches.)

three cushion hearts in pale blue, baby pink and pale purple

The patterns and wool can be found here: The pattern is £1, Wool and stuffing for one cushion £6, and wool and stuffing for all three cushions £16.99

Two Peas in a Pod

I love this, what a really lovely little gift to make. Approximately 10- 11cm (4 inches)

These little peas are made in Deramores Studio DK and you can download the digital pattern for 50p or buy the entire kit including the eyes for £6.

I hope you like these Valentines Crochet gifts I’ve found for you. You can see more on the Deramores website. Remember, if you don’t crochet yourself they also make lovely gifts for loved ones that do crochet.

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I Took the Plunge and Opened An Etsy Shop

I’ve been thinking of opening an Etsy shop for a while. I love Etsy and I wanted to make things to sell too. I’ve been crocheting for a few years now and I’ve made lots of different things. My blankets have been my favourite things to make, but they take so long and I fall in love with them so I find them hard to part with. I have made two blankets for friend’s babies though, so I may make some more baby blankets. In the meantime I have made some of my second favourite things, scarves. Now, I’m afraid, as much as I feel you can’t have too many blankets, you can have two many scarves, so I’m happy to let these go to new homes.

As well as scarves I decided to add some fingerless mittens, or wrist warmers. I made some for myself and as I suffer from cold hands and carpel tunnel syndrome, I wear them all the time. I can still type and even crochet while wearing them. So, I’ve made some more to sell and I hope to get a little more adventurous with my patterns in the future.

My Etsy Shop

You Can find my Etsy Shop here: Raisiebay’s Shop

It needs a little more work and a lot more stock, but I’ve decided to share a few things I’ve made.

Graduated Blue Cowl/Infinity Scarf

blue cowl

Pink Graduated Cowl/Infinity scarf

pink cowl/infinity scarf

Thick Warm Striped Scarf

Thick stripe scarf

Blue Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers

blue fingerless mittens

Orange Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers

orange fingerless mittens/wrist warmers

Bunny Head Baby Blanket

bunny head baby blanket

I really don’t expect any sales yet, but I will keep adding to my shop until I start selling things. I have a huge stash of wool to get through. What do you think I should sell in my shop? Do you have an Etsy shop, I’m always looking for new ones?

You can see some more of my crochet on this blog.

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My First Crochet Mandala

Last year we enjoyed an evening at the Bournville (where they make chocolate) light turning on festival. One of the things that caught my eye were these lovely crochet mandala which were hung in the trees.

a selection of crochet mandalas hanging from trees in the twilight.

Ever since I saw them I wanted to make my own mandala, but it was a long time coming. Last week I finished my first ever mandala which I decided to hang in a hoop like the ones in this tree. I was really pleased with it, especially as it was my first attempt.

My First Crochet Mandala

My Crochet Mandala in a hoop

I have already shared the photo on my other blog so you may have seen it before. But I am pretty chuffed with my effort and I’m now in the process of making another with different colours. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Maybe I’ll make a Christmas coloured one to hang in my window.

My Next Crochet Projects

I shared a post recently about some Christmas projects I wanted to make. I’ve had a go at making a snowflake, but I went a little wrong…but hey, what snowflake is perfect?

crochet snowflake

Simply Crochet

Some of the following links are affiliate links which if you click through and purchase something it will not cost you any extra but may earn me some money. Thank you in advance for your support.

I subscribe to Simply Crochet Magazine every month and I really look forward to my magazine arriving through my letterbox. I love it when I get a free gift with the magazine and this month I got this lovely 2021 Calendar full of fabulous crochet zodiac characters. I’ve already ordered a pile of wool from Deramores and can’t wait to make a character or two (or even twelve!)

I’d love to know what you have been making recently. Leave me a comment if you want me to visit your blog in return. Or let me know.

I also have a new Instagram account where I am posting all of my crochet projects. I’d love it if you took a look.

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Christmas Crochet Projects

If you are a crafter then you probably have most of your Christmas makes already on the go or even finished. However, some, like me, are a bit late starting so I have put together a list of some quick and easy crochet projects for you to get done in time for Christmas.

I will be including affiliate links throughout my post. This means that if you click through and buy something it may earn me a little money…at no extra cost to you! So big thanks if you do.


This first one I’ve ordered myself so I’ll let you know how I get on. It’s a lovely Christmas tree bunting. You can download the pattern for free or buy the yarn and pattern for £7. I’m thinking this won’t take long to make.

little crochet christmas trees bunting

Last Christmas I took part in the Deramores Christmas CAL (Crochet Along) and I did most of the items in the pack, yes, I even managed to finish the cushion cover. You can do this again this year. Again the patterns can be downloaded for free, but you can also buy packs of yarn for £21.68 or a complete pack with yarn, cushion and eyes for £30.92.

Christmas crochet along pack with cushion tree decorations, placemats and a big Christmas stocking

I have already been sent a copy of these snowflakes as a free gift in my last package from Deramores. I’ve had a go at a couple and they are a bit tricky at first but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make a few in time for the tree going up. Or I may make them to hang in the window. Digital pattern is free, and pattern with wool just £1.95

Christmas crochet snowflakes

Here is something a little different, these would be great for those with a new baby in the family for Christmas. A lovely set of Christmas jumpers and rompers. These are £2.40 for the pattern and £8.04 for the pattern and wool.

Christmas crochet, set of tiny red jumpers and romper suits.

Christmas Crochet Projects – Gifts

Gnomes are quite popular at the moment and you can crochet a complete gnome family for a Christmas treat. The pattern for these four gnomes and a present sack is just £2 for a digital download. Or you can purchase the pattern and wool for £11.75 and add the stuffing for £14.75. The sets would also make a great gift for someone who loves to crochet too.

Four Christmas crochet gnomes in blue and red sitting on logs against a brick wall

Scarfs make such lovely gifts and are even more special when they have been handmade. They can also be relatively quick and easy to make and don’t have to take the break the bank. This pattern is free to download and you can choose whatever colours you wish, or you can buy the kit with wool for just £6.18.

Colour block scarf.

I love these fabulous flat animal cuddly toys and they look pretty easy to make. In fact I’m going to have a go at this lovely rabbit by downloading the free pattern. You can also buy the pattern and yarn for £5.37.

These are just a very few of the things you could crochet for Christmas. I get all my inspiration from Deramores my favourite wool shop. They always have some amazing offers and if you pop along this week there is a special offer every day!

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Getting Nautical With Crochet

I’ve found some delightful nautical themes for you today. I hope you enjoy them. There is something so nice about bringing a little of the sea side into your home.

Let’s start with some fabulous cushions to crochet.

Rectangular Anchor Cushion Kit

image shows a rectangluar anchor cushion on a nautical theme.

You can buy this kit from Deramores. The pattern alone costs just £1, The pattern and wool costs £9.75 and if you want the cushion pad as well then you can get the complete kit for £13.75. Size 40cm x 30 cm

Mini Anchor Cushion Kit

image shows a dark blue cushion with mini white anchors

Maybe this mini anchor cushion suits you better. Again the pattern is only £1, the pattern and wool £9.75 and the full kit including cushion pad is £15.75. Size 40cm x 40cm

If you like them both then you can buy them together.

image shows both the square striped cushion with a large anchor and the blue cushion with small white anchors.

You can get the digital pattern for both for just £1, the pattern and wool for £18.50, and wool, pattern and cushion pads for £30. The wool used is Deramores Studio DK, I’ve used this wool several times before and it’s lovely to work with.

Beach Hut Cushion

Who loves beach huts? Yeah, me too, they are so cute. And look how cute they look on this cushion.

image shows a blue and white cushion with a row of blue, white and red beach huts in a nautical theme.

The pattern for this is £1.50, the wool and pattern £14.60 and the wool, pattern and cushion pad just £20. I love the colours and the tassells. The cushion is 40cm by 30cm and the wool, Deramores Studio DK.

Tote Bag with a Nautical Theme

tote bag with nautical theme

If cushions are not your thing, what about this gorgeous sunny tote bag. You can download the pattern for FREE! Or if you want the pattern and wool then it will cost you £11.82

Gentle Waves Blanket.

Or maybe you want to bring the sea home with this gorgeous gentle waves blanket.

image shows a blanket in waves of blue and sand draped over a blue chair

The small pack of pattern and wool costs £18.24 and measures 30 by 36 inches when finished. It takes 9 balls of wool.

Or you can buy the larger version for £31.10 it measures 48 by 72 inches when finished and includes 18 balls of wool.

I hope you have enjoyed my nautical crochet finds. I use affiliate links in my posts which means if you click and purchase something it won’t cost you anything extra, but it may earn me a little money. So, thank you for your support.

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My Crochet Works in Progress For August 2020

I would like to share my crochet works in progress, WIPs, with you this month, mostly because I think it would give me the boost to actually finish some of them! I love to crochet, but sometimes I feel like concentrating on what I’m doing, sometimes I just feel like grabbing my crochet hook and make something appear while watching television or listening to an ebook. This is probably why I have so many things on the go at one time.

This post contains affiliate links which will cost you nothing to click but may earn me a little money if you go on to buy something from the site, thank you x

Granny Square Day

On August 15th it’s Granny Square Day hosted on Instagram and supported by Simply Crochet Magazine. I’m planning on filling my instagram grids with at least 9 granny squares and use the hashtag #grannysquareday2020.

I have a hundred to choose from thanks to the booklet that arrived with my magazine this month. Here is my one, only 8 more to go…. although I probably won’t stop there, granny squares are so much fun to make and a great way of using up all that leftover yarn. I’m planning on making as many as possible from the yarn left over from my cardigan.

granny square crochet works in progress
My first granny square (it needs blocking to make it flatter)

The Cushion Cover

I have wanted to make a cushion cover again since making my Christmas cushion. So I was really happy to find a nice pattern in my magazine. It’s a Corner to corner pattern, which means you start in one corner and build it up like a big triangle, then it decreases again and you end up with a square.

One side of the cushion is all in one colour and I found it easy to make.

another wip, the plain white back of my cushion. crochet works in progress
again, I’ve still not blocked this yet, but you can see the square pattern

Then I started on the other side of the pattern and WOW, what a nightmare. I’ve already fragged it twice. Now I think I’ve got how the pattern works, but heck there is a lot of tidying up to be done and I’ve only done a tiny part…imagine what it will be like to do the entire cushion. I hate weaving in all the loose ends. I may look for another pattern for the front.

another crochet works in progress, the other side of the cushion and three balls of wall, in white pink and dark pink
look at all those loose ends already! I love the colours though.

I buy all my wool from Deramores. The ones used for my cushion are West Yorkshire Spinners Sweet Shop Yarn (Which I bought in a 50% off sale.) The colours are Marshmallow, Candy Floss and Blackcurrant Bomb.

The Blanket

I love blankets, they can be picked up anytime to work on and give so much satisfaction when finished. I have longed to do a wave pattern so I was really pleased to find this kit on Deramores for the Riding the Waves Blanket. It’s just £1 for the pattern and £18.50 for the pattern and wool, which is Dreamores Studio DK.

wip of my blanket in blue and green waves.
my progress so far, it’s a fun pattern and very easy to to.


I like making little figures because they are quick to make up and mostly look fabulous. But I do find them fiddly and they need a lot of concentration. My kids are big on Animal Crossing at the moment, so I was thrilled to find this crochet pattern on Etsy for Celeste.

photo of a finished owl called Celeste, crochet.
Celeste from Kittens and Mittens on Etsy.

I bought my wool and got started but even though it doesn’t take long to do each part, I’m finding I really have to be in the mood to actually do it. It also took me four attempts to do the little feet!

celeste, another wip.
my progress so far, a body, two feet and two wings.

Thank you for taking a look at my works in progress. Do you crochet? Do you have many projects on the go at the same time or do you just focus on one? I’d love to know.

Find my other crochet posts here.

Take care, Anne x

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Herbie the Basset Hound and other Dera Dogs

I love yarn and I love using Deramores. Not only do they have amazing wool bargains, they also have some fabulous patterns and kits. I’ve made some of their Dera dogs before, wait, I’ll show you one of mine later, but here is their latest addition, Herbie the Basset Hound and he’s way too cute not to share.

Herbie the Baset Hound from Deramores.

I love him, and I’m so tempted to buy the kit. You can get the digital pattern for just £1, the pattern and yarn for only £8.87 (10% off at time of publishing this post) and the pattern, yarn and stuffing for £12.80. How can you resist? Problem is, I’m more of a crochet person than knitting, but it’s certainly made me think of picking up those knitting needles again.

Other Dera Dogs

The Dera Dogs are growing all the time and you can make so many different pooches. Some knitted some crochet. Here are a pick of my favourites. (And they are all 10% off at the moment.)

I am an affiliate for Deramores so all links are affiliate links. This means that even though you won’t be charged a penny extra, if you use the links and purchase something I may earn some money from it.


Knitted Poodle

This gorgeous poodle comes as part of a kit of 3 knitted dogs. The patterns are free but you can get the yarn, stuffing, eyes and digital pattern for all three dogs for £12.33 (price correct at time of publishing.) The other dogs including are a Pug and a Rottweiler. Yarn is Deramores Studio DK.


knitted labrador

This adorable vanilla labrador called Dexter is knitted in Deramores DK. The digital pattern is free while the yarn and pattern is currently only £5.52 and the yarn, pattern, stuffing and eyes only £7.74.

Poppy the Crochet Poodle

If crochet is more your thing then you won’t miss out at Deramores. You can make this sweet amigurumi Poodle called Poppy.

poppy the poodle
Poppy the amigurumi Poodle

This Poodle pattern is also free but for the pattern and yarn you will pay £7.09, and for the pattern, yarn, stuffing and eyes the price is only £9.51

Dakota the Dalmatian

If it’s spotty dogs you like then you will love Dakota the Dalmatian.

dakota the dalmatian crochet dog, amigurumi
Dakota the Dalmatian

Also made in Deramores DK the digital pattern is free, the pattern and yarn is currently £5.32 and the pattern, stuffing, yarn and eyes only £8.78

Dera Dogs Crochet Kit

This fabulous kit feature three lovely dogs to crochet. a French Bulldog, a Pug and a Rottweiler.

arigurumi pug, bulldog and rottweiler
Crochet Dera Dogs set of Three

These fab three are available as a digital pattern only for £2.70. The yarn and pattern for all three is only £11.30


Here is one I made earlier. I bought the three dog kit and so far I’ve made the Pug.

My Pug

Do you think you might like to make a Dera-Dog? Which is your favourite?

Other Deramores Kits.

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Crochet Kits – 10% off at Deramores

Today I’m bringing you some delightful crochet kits from Deramores who currently have a 10% off sale.

Being in lockdown means lots more time for hobbies and my favourite pastime is crochet. Especially when I have an e-book playing in my ears. Reading and crocheting at the same time is my idea of heaven.

Now, I’m not professing to be the best at crochet, I’ve had a few disasters for sure. Then some days my hands just don’t want to work which doesn’t help! But even if you are an amateur it’s a hobby that’s easy to pick up. I can knit a little too, but I love that crochet works up quicker than knitting. I can be a little impatient.

I love to shop at Deramores, a lot of their patterns are free to download but you can also choose to buy the wool needed for the pattern at the same time in their kits. And for this week they are offering 10% off their crochet kits. I’ll just add at this point that I am actually an affiliate for Deramores so if you do click my links and go on to purchase something I will earn a little commission…at no extra cost to you. So thank you 🙂

10% off Crochet Kits

There are loads of kits to choose from but here are a few of my favourites. Now, which one will I choose?

Belatane Blessings blanket crochet kit

Beltane Blessings by Crystals and Crochet in Stylecraft Special DK

£28.43 Sale priceWas £31.59

crochet kit rainbow

Rainbow Window Decoration Crochet Kit and Pattern in Deramores Yarn

£12.41 Sale priceWas £13.79

(I already downloaded the free pattern for this and used some of my wool stash to make one.)

crochet kit rainbow blanket

Rainbows Rule Blanket by Kate Rowell in Scheepjes Chunky Monkey

£28.23 Sale priceWas £31.37

crochet cardigan kit

High Street Cardigan Crochet Kit and Pattern in Lion Brand Yarn

£30.33 Sale priceWas £33.70

dandelion cushion crochet kit

Dandelion Cushion Crochet Kit and Pattern

£8.87 Sale priceWas £9.85

I’d love to make them all, and I’ll definitely make another rainbow for the window. I really would like to make the rainbow blanket, but first I need a new cushion cover and I love the dandelion one. Do you have a favourite? What have you made lately?