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Weekly Meal Plan – New Recipes

We are trying out some new recipes lately and it’s helping to spice up mealtimes a little. Last week we had Chimichangas which are basically deep fried enchiladas. We will probably make them again but mix up the fillings a bit. Deep fried wraps are a lot nicer than I expected.

We also had a birthday last week and my daughter decided to go for an Indian curry from our local take out restaurant. The kids had Mc Donald’s because they are not curry fans. I had a chicken tikka masala which was really tasty, but it did give me a bad stomach 🙁

There was also lots of cake!

That’s one birthday down, the next is in 3 weeks, then another 2 weeks later and another 2 weeks after that. Wish me luck!

Weekly Meal Plan with New Recipes

weekly meal plan new recipes

This week is Mindful Chef week so I have two recipes from our box.

  • Monday – Pizza and garlic bread (Monday staple)
  • Tuesday – Sweet and Sour turkey with egg fried rice (Mindful Chef)
  • Wednesday – lamb kebabs (Minted lamb burgers in pitta bread)
  • Thursday – Madras fish curry with brown rice (mindful chef)
  • Friday – Fryday Fry Up
  • Saturday – chicken and chips
  • Sunday – Gammon and potato dauphinois

Lunches for the kids, which they generally make themselves. I’ve added a couple of extra suggestions, I wasn’t able to add any extra days to the week.

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • cheese or ham (or even cucumber) sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles
  • eggy bread cheese sandwiches
  • sausage sandwiches
  • sausage and beans and waffles

Linking up with Katy as usual. Click through to see what everyone else is making this week and most of all, stay safe x

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Weekly Meal Plan – Mindful chef and a Birthday

It’s been a while since I did a meal plan, I’ve had some weird weeks where I just haven’t worked out what we are eating until the last minute. I overstocked the cupboards and freezers and we have had to make an effort to empty them a little. We have also been totally fed up with food and cooking. Do you get like that? One thing that has helped a little has been to go back to Mindful Chef. My eldest son said he wanted to try some healthier meals so we are giving them a go. We have hits and misses but so far it’s been mostly good. Last week’s menu was not exactly what we ordered, so they’ve given us next weeks order for free! If you want to give mindful chef a try you can get £20 off your first box and I can get £20 off too. All you have to do is put my e-mail in the referral box..my email is okesanne@gmail.com

Mindful chef

Recipes From Mindful Chef

This week we had a recipe for pork and lemon meatballs served with parsnip ribbons. They were delicious, but son is a big lad and I had to add some pasta as well.

pork and lemon meatballs from Mindful Chef

This Weeks Meal Plan

We don’t have any Mindful chef deliveries this week, but we do have a birthday take out in the plan.

This weeks meal plan - cookery programs
  • Monday – Pizza, salad and garlic bread
  • Tuesday – Take Out of choice from the Birthday girl
  • Wednesday – scallop risotto with brown butter
  • Thursday – pasta bake
  • Friday – Chimichangas with savoury rice.
  • Saturday – We’ll see what we fancy but it’ll most likely be curry or chicken and chips
  • Sunday – Toad in the Hole with mash and veg.

Lunches for the kids, which they generally make themselves.

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles

I haven’t put days as they can just pick what they want and which day.

I have recently discovered Binging with Babish on You Tube. He makes some really cool stuff based on television and movies. It’s where I got the idea for the Chimchangas (Deadpool from Marvel got upset when someone blew up his favourite Chimichunga restaurant.) You can also find Lars Ube roll from Stephen Universe and a Krabby Patty from Spongebob Square pants. Thankfully, Babish also does some more simple recipes and my daughter has just ordered his cookbook.

Linking up with Katy as usual. Click through to see what everyone else is making this week and most of all, stay safe x

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Meal Planning – Cookery Programs

So, the lock down has been extended and it seems that all they are showing on television are cookery programs! I think the consensus is because we are stuck at home then all we have to do is cook! If only that were true.

I missed my planning post last week. But things went well, we had a BBQ which was really nice, and it’s good to take advantage of the nice weather. I think there may have been a lot of BBQs recently.

This week, I’ve had to think really carefully about my online shopping because I just keep fillin my trolley with my regular purchases and we are not getting through everything. I mean we the kids love potato waffles but we really don’t need four boxes in the freezer do we? The fridges empty quickly so I’m going to concentrate less on frozen food this week and more on fresh.


I’m getting really bored of cooking, I mean really bored. I often cook from scratch but even though there is more time, I just want to grab a can or jar instead. I seem to be going the other way!

I did watch Mary Berry make some nice salmon the other day, very similar to my twirls but with cream cheese and not twirled up but left flat. There was a topping of lemon zest and parsley too which looked yummy. I think I may just give them a try. I might serve them with roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

This Weeks Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan - cookery programs
  • Monday – Pizza, salad and garlic bread
  • Tuesday – Salmon and med. vegetables (chicken for those that don’t eat salmon)
  • Wednesday – spaghetti bolognese
  • Thursday – gnocchi bake/ past bake
  • Friday – Fish/chicken and chips
  • Saturday – fajitas or curry (whatever everyone fancies)
  • Sunday – Gammon with potato dauphinios

Lunches for the kids, which they generally make themselves.

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches (Did you see the rainbow ones on This Morning?) We won’t be making them, lol.
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles

I haven’t put days as they can just pick what they want and which day.

I saw Joss Stone on This Morning and she told of her favourite meal of all time. I’ve memorised it, I don’t know why. Anyway, she takes a crepe/think pancake and fills it with a baked bean and cheese mixture. Then she lines several up like enchiladas in a dish and covers with a tin of tomatoes and more cheese and bakes them. My husband says yes…but personally I think it sounds gross. I just thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Have you been watching any cookery programs?

Linking up with Katy as usual. Click through to see what everyone else is making this week and most of all, stay safe x

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Weekly Meal Plan – It’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I did a meal plan. In a way I’m lucky because being an ‘at risk’ customer, I’m getting my weekly shopping slot with barely any problems. Of course I’d rather not be an ‘at risk’ customer, but I feel really weird looking at photos of people visiting supermarkets, standing in queues to get in, keeping two trolleys apart from anyone else. I couldn’t imagine not interacting with the cashier, we always get someone chatty, it would be hard seeing them behind a screen. And everyone in masks. It’s a dystopian world that I would feel really uncomfortable in.

We usually do a big shop online weekly then I have someone pick up bits and pieces throughout the week. So, it’s been hard getting used to thinking about everything I would need so I didn’t need top ups. I admit that I went a little crazy and stocked up on the things that I know my family would definitely eat if there was nothing else, but now I have a cupboard and freezer full of stuff. So this week I’ve shopped a lot more carefully. I have to think of things for the kids lunches too with them home every day. Some days we go over the top with a cooked meal, and other days it’s just sandwiches. I’ve bought treats and then hid them so they can be handed out during the week, otherwise they’d be gone on the same day!

This weeks Meal Plan

weekly meal plan
  • Monday – pizza and garlic bread
  • Tuesday – salmon twirls and potatoes (chicken for the non fish eater)
  • Wednesday – lasagna or bolognese
  • Thursday – battered vegetables and noodles
  • Friday – fish/chicken and chips
  • Saturday- curry (I have a choice of Indian or Thai)
  • Sunday – roast chicken dinner

Salmon Twirls

Here’s my Salmon Twirl recipe from an old post

salmon Twirl recipe

Battered Vegetables

I love to make my own batter with plain flour and sparkling water. We do a range of battered vegetables, carrots, courgettes, aubergine, mushrooms etc. I also do some battered chicken slices for those that want them. Once you make the batter, everything needs to be dipped in flour, then dipped in egg before being coated in batter and deep fried. I like to deep fry in the wok, but my new deep fat fryer has a really good filter on it so I may do them in there this time. I generally serve with egg noodles and offer a range of sauces for example, soy, plum or oyster.


It’s been a while since my last meal plan.

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Weekly Meal Plan – Panic in the Aisles

Last week’s menu didn’t go too bad but we had some shuffling around. We didn’t have to resort to any panic buying despite the shopping problems. We are having the gammon today as I didn’t check the date on the lamb and It went out of date on Thursday. If I’d realised I’d have put it in the freezer. I’m still roasting it along with the gammon as it looked okay once opened, and there was no smell. But I see how I feel when it’s cooked. I’m so glad I ordered the wrong size now, it’s way too small for us all anyway.

I was determined to stick to my no take out rule but on Friday I was feeling pretty sick and my eldest son suggested a take out. When I said no, he said he would pay for it. So, when it was time to collect it I asked him to pay and he gave me £5 and told me what he wanted!! Cheeky monkey, he meant he was only going to pay for his own take out! I was a bit upset with him as it was already too late to start cooking and he should have made things clearer. So we came to an agreement. I bought his, Graham’s and the kids dinner from the chip shop and he paid for a Pizza for me and his two sisters. I guess it worked out half and half. (he was still a bit upset that we didn’t save him a slice of pizza though, even though we’d saved him a cookie!)

I still managed to save around £20 on shopping last week, including the take out. So, I’m improving.

Panic Buying

I’ve never really bought into the panic buying whenever there is an issue. We do get through a lot of toilet rolls though so I generally have a good stock. (I’ve hidden some to stop overuse just in case.) I’ve ordered more in the shopping delivery tomorrow but if they don’t arrive they still have plenty in my local shop. I don’t buy handwash, we switched to soap ages ago and I buy them in packs of six which last for ages! I’m not that bothered about the gel, my daughter has some because she works in a hospital, but we don’t bother, hand washing is more effective. We generally have a stock of food in the freezer that we can fall back on, so I’m sure we won’t starve if we do end up quarantined. I also have a bread maker and loads of bread flour and yeast 🙂

This weeks Meal Plan

weekly meal plan
  • Monday – Pizza (home cooked)
  • Tuesday – pasta bake
  • Wednesday – Tofu Katsu (Chicken for the men)
  • Thursday – Enchiladas
  • Friday – Fish/Chicken and chips (Which we didn’t have last week)
  • Saturday – Curry (made from scratch not a jar)
  • Sunday – Pies and mash

We had enchiladas last week but they were underwhelming, so I’ve come up with a idea with my daughter. I am going to include more vegetables inside and less sauce on the outside. I am also going to top them with mozzarella slices. We use the packet mixes but usually drown them in sauce before baking, but it makes them too spicy.

Linking up with Katy Kicker for her meal planning linky.


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Meal Plan – Missing Shopping

I had a bad week last week and to be honest, I don’t know how we managed with our missing shopping. but we did. I did my online shop on Sunday like I normally do and fell asleep halfway through. Urgh, it’s something that happens to me frequently. I’ve even been known to continue typing on my laptop after falling asleep. My husband or son will take it away until I wake up.

Anyway, I had managed to save the shop and even check it out before nodding off, I think I knew it was going to happen. So, it was still there and all I had to to was finish it off. Only, despite being awake this time I didn’t complete checkout and was only sent my first half of the order, the rest of my shopping was missing.

It took a day or two to realise that I was missing shopping that I was adamant I’d bought, but as I don’t put the shopping away I hadn’t noticed. So, meal plans went out the window and we managed with what we already had. In fact we managed fairly well and I even stuck to my No Take Away plan.

This week I went to log on to my usual Sainsburys but they had zero spots for Monday delivery. It was the same with Morrisons. So I went to the Asda site and managed to get a slot. Then I booked a slot for Sainsburys for Tuesday. It takes so long to shop somewhere new. And now I’m not sure that I’ve not replicated shopping in both trolleys despite my constant checking. I’m beginning to think that I shouldn’t be allowed to do the shopping at all!

This Weeks Meal Plan – with no missing shopping

  • Monday – lasagne/bolognese
  • Tuesday- fajitas or enchiladas
  • Wednesday – gammon and chips
  • Thursday – pasta bake
  • Friday – fish/chicken and chips
  • Saturday – curry
  • Sunday – lamb roast

I’m currently £50 under budget so that will help if the meals are not welcomed. But it will be a trip to the local supermarket.

I wonder if I can make it through to the end of March without buying a take away…wish me luck! Lining up with Katy Kicker’s meal planning linky See what everyone else is cooking this week


My previous meal planning post

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Meal Planning – Another Birthday

This week we are on to the second birthday of the year, Graham, my husband. We won’t be going out anywhere so we’ll probably have a take out on Wednesday.

Last weeks meal plan went okay. We didn’t have a Brinner (fry up) we just had battered chicken we found in the freezer with chips. The pizza was replaced with my home made puff pastry pizza. The Chorizo and Mozzarella gnocchi bake was really delicious. Well definitely have it again sometime. Although the recipe said it was for 6 and it was barely enough for three of us (the others had pasta bake as they were not keen to try gnocchi.)

gnocchi bake

The Planner

The planner has taken it’s place on the fridge and it’s being used well. I’m getting more suggestions off family members for what they fancy, or if they wish to change something. It’s also good for remembering what we have planned for each day so we can make sure we have all the ingredients. I filled it in this week and then did the shopping. Then I remembered it was Graham’s birthday! So we will have to bake him a cake and swap Wednesdays meal for a take out of his choice (I bet it’s Indian curry!)

This weeks Menu + Birthday Meal

  • Monday – pizza
  • Tuesday – Fry up (Brinner)
  • Wednesday – Birthday Take Out
  • Thursday – spaghetti bolognese (or lasagne)
  • Friday – Fish and chips
  • Saturday – chicken pasta bake
  • Sunday – pie and mash

I will have to get the kids in the kitchen to make our favourite chocolate Cake for their Dad’s birthday…no idea what we’ll decorate it with yet though. Maybe my little chefs can come up with something.

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Getting back on track with a new planner

Avon meal planner

I bought a planner…bit of a plug as I’m an Avon Rep and I got this lovely magnet planner from my Avon Store. It was just what we needed and it also comes with a magnetic pull off shopping list book.

We argue a lot about food in our house, it’s one of our biggest problems. It’s difficult finding food for four adults and three children. Life used to be so much simpler.

Anyway, now I can jot down the meals on this planner and if anyone has an issue they can rub it out and replace it. I don’t mind so long as everyone is happy.

Breakfast is pretty much the same every day, a choice of toast, crumpets, croissants or cereal. Whatever they fancy, they generally get it themselves. The lunch section on the planner will probably only be used when the kids are off school.

Then there is a snack section on the planner, which will be handy to keep a track of the goodies that can be all eaten in one day if I’m not careful. Seriously, I can have doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, crisps etc and they’ll all be eaten within a day, or maybe two.

Anyway, let’s get on to this weeks meal Plan.

Weekly Meal Plan

  • Saturday – Curry (usually from a jar!)
  • Sunday – Lamb roast dinner
  • Monday – pies and mash (or roasters)
  • Tuesday – chorizo and Mozzarella Gnocchi Bake
  • Wednesday – fajitas
  • Thursday – Brinner (fry up)
  • Friday – Something light as we are going out (pizza maybe?)

With the option of wiping off and swapping around on the planner I’m sure this will be happening a lot. I always have a back up food in the freezer for those days. It’s generally chicken or fish and chips!

Linking up with Katy Kicker’s Meal planning linky.

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Weekly Menu – Lamb Curry, not again!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last weekly menu plan. The lamb curry didn’t go down too well, slow cooking it made the lamb much softer and stringier and although it’s how I like it best, it’s not how my family like it. So I won’t be trying that again. Then we had a week with my birthday which involved in another lamb curry but this time it was a take out.

We also had a week where there was a lot of sickeness and keeping the family separated. Some ate, some didn’t and it was in different rooms and at different times. It was all a bit awkward. I ordered a Chinese meal on the Saturday as we had been out, but even though it was ordered at 6.30pm it didn’t arrive until nearly 10pm. Thankfully, the younger ones had opted for a Mc Donalds instead and their Dad had fetched that. Note to self, do not order food for delivery on a Saturday evening.


Anyway, I do think we’ve had our fill of curry for now so next weeks menu doesn’t have it on at all. And if we order take out at any point, it won’t be curry and it won’t be on Saturday!

This Weeks Curry Free menu

  • Saturday – Fish and Chips
  • Sunday – pie
  • Monday – paella
  • Tuesday – fajita/ chicken wraps
  • Wednesday – sausages and mash or chips
  • Thursday – pasta bake/macaroni cheese
  • Friday – Quiche or Kiev

Although, now I come to think, I don’t believe we’ve had a Mapu Curry for a while…mmmm!

I’ve already started filling in my online basket for the Christmas food shop. There is no way I’d be able to handle the supermarket. I have also ordered my Turkey crown and a few other treats from elsewhere. We are picking them up from Marks and Spencers. I thought the Christmas pre-order would have been cheaper at Morrisons, but it wasn’t.

Keeping it simple this week and linking up with Katy Kicker’s Meal planning linky.

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Weekly Meal Plan -oops I did it again!

Oops I bought another take out. It happened on Friday, and simply because I felt lazy. Half of us had chip shop and the other half pizza. I rejected pizza because it gives me heartburn, but oops again, it looks like chip shop food gives me heartburn too. At this rate I won’t be eating anything.

So this week is starting from Saturday gone, but I’ve only just got around to writing it. I can safely say that Saturday and Sunday went to plan. I couldn’t believe my ears when everyone agreed to a Sunday roast, we’ve not had one in ages because nobody really likes it, apart from me apparently.

This Weeks Menu

This weeks meal plan with no oops involved, I hope
  • Saturday – curry and rice
  • Sunday – Chicken roast dinner
  • Monday – fajitas
  • Tuesday – Toad in the hole, or just sausages and mash
  • Wednesday – Pizza
  • Thursday – fish and chips/chicken and chips
  • Friday – slow cooked lamb roghan josh

Last week we had pasta bake down for Wednesday but my other half fancied bolognese, and this went down well with everyone, apart from Star who doesn’t eat any kind of pasta at all. I had to use quorn for my eldest daughter and didn’t realise just how long it had been in the freezer, so another oops moment as it was out of date and pretty rotten tasting (I thought it looked okay, who’d have thought that quorn went off!) So, she ended up having tinned meatballs with Star, who had hers with waffles instead of spaghetti. All’s well that ends well.

What are you eating this week? Linking up with Katy Kicker.

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