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The Trial by Rob Rinder, book review

The Trial was the book chosen by my new book club for June. It was a nice easy read. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of intrigue and mystery. Read about more about what I thought about the book later.

The Trial, Rob Rinder book cover

The Blurb


When hero policeman Grant Cliveden dies from a poisoning in the Old Bailey, it threatens to shake the country to its core.

The evidence points to one man. Jimmy Knight has been convicted of multiple offences before and defending him will be no easy task. Not least because this is trainee barrister Adam Green’s first case.

But it will quickly become clear that Jimmy Knight is not the only person in Cliveden’s past with an axe to grind.

The only thing that’s certain is that this is a trial which will push Adam – and the justice system itself – to the limit. . .

My Review of The Trial by Rob Rinder

Rob Rinder MBE is quite a celebrity already. While a practicing barrister he had a program called Judge Rinder where he sorted out people’s minor cases on camera. He always came accross as firm but fair but also had a dry humour. He then joined more television programs and also set out with fellow television presenter Rylan Clarke to do a program touring Italy.

But how does Rob Rinder rate as an author. Well, I guess he writes what he knows, he talks a lot about trials, and court rooms, prison cells, barristers and pupils. You get a real feeling for the places he talks about and I can see this as a television series.

As a trainee barrister, Adam, the main character, really has his hands full and seems to work constantly on several cases. But, he’s also a honest and kind character, who still talks to his Mum on the phone. (The phone calls have their own little chapters and sweet, funny or quite serious.) He soon finds out who works hard in the courts and who is just winging it. He also discovers that some police men are not as noble as they are made out to be.

He turns into an investigative barrister, when his pupil master is telling him he is just to put forward his case and not investigate them, he ignores him and tries to do his very best.

The one case he is defending with his pupil master is the suspected murderer of acclaimed police officer Grant Cliveden who was poisoned and died in the dock. The suspect, Jimmy Knight, had the opportunity and the motive to kill Cliveden in revenge but why doesn’t Adam believe it? Maybe his judgement is marred by the memory of his families history.

Overall, I found this a real page turner, with lots to keep the cogs ticking even if it’s a cosy crime sort of read. I’m looking forward to read Rob Rinder’s follow up book.

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3 thoughts on “The Trial by Rob Rinder, book review”

  1. I’m not a big celebrity book reader (unless it’s a biography), but this could be one I pick up. I quite like books that give an insight into jobs.

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