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Baby Cardigan in Pink, My Latest Crochet Creation

I love to Crochet and I have my own little shop on Etsy with all my makes. I started with blankets but apart from a couple that I have gifted, I have mostly kept them. They took so long to make it was hard to part with them. I then went on to scarves and cowls which were fun to make. But I also found that I enjoyed making baby clothes after I made a little blanket and cardigan for my great nephew. My latest creation is a pink cardigan for a baby girl.

baby cardigan in pink from the front with arms out

I love this pattern by Kelly Jane Designs and I’m about to embark on a blue version and a lovely bobble baby blanket. I have a selection of these lovely buttons which say ‘handmade with love’

close up of baby cardigan showing cute buttons

My Baby days are over but I wish I’d learnt to crochet when my children were little. The first time I tried was when I was expecting my first born, but it didn’t turn out very well. It was harder then too because there was no internet for help, I had to use books and written pattern. My Mom could knit but not crochet. I can knit a little but I prefer to crochet.

Kerry Jayne provides some adorable patterns and I’m a big fan (not an affiliate, an actual fan!) When you buy one of her patterns you get step by step directions with clear to follow images. It makes learning a lot easier.

baby cardigan in pink with arms folded in

You can find my pink cardigan along with the other items in my Etsy Shop along with a few other items like cowls and mittens, and a lovely blanket.

Do you crochet?

If you happen to be looking for baby gifts Then Never Mind the Mess has a Perfect New Baby Gift List on their blog you may enjoy.

My Etsy Shop September Sale

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New Baby Crochet Cardigan and Blanket

If you read my other blog, Raisiebay, you may already know that we have a new baby in the family. My niece had a little boy just a few weeks ago and he is the most adorable little baby, I just had to get my hooks out and make something for him. I decided to crochet a blanket and a cardigan.

First up, I bought my wool, I chose Stylecraft Special in Aspen colour. I did think it would be more blue, but it was a kind of aquamarine colour, which happens to be my niece’s favourite colour.

Baby Blanket.

I tried lots of patterns but I decided on just a simple waffle crochet stitch to make this square pram size blanket. But it needed a little decorations so I made a couple of bunnies to sew on the corner.

baby blanket crochet in waffle stitch, with two little bunnies sewn on
baby blanket with bunnies

Baby Cardigan

I chose my cardigan pattern from Kerry Jane Designs on Etsy.

crochet baby cardigan.
Little Ridge Cardigan from Kelly Jane Designs

I bought the buttons on Amazon which were a great bargain. Just £6.99 for 150 buttons in different sizes. Each one is printed with the words, Handmade with love and with two little hearts. I think they are perfect for a baby cardigan.

I made the cardigan in the newborn size but as my great nephew is so tiny it doesn’t fit him yet. I am thinking of making some more for my shop as it’s such a great pattern.

You can see more of my crochet here on this blog. And you can see some of the things I’ve made for sale on my Etsy shop which is also called At Home A Lot.

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