About Me and my Blog

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I set up this blog as an extension from my other blog, Raisiebay, which I’ve been running for many years.

I wanted a place where I could share more things other than personal stories. I am practically housebound and have to use a wheelchair after being struck down by a very rare condition in 2016. By this time I was a busy mum of five children, but now my world has turned upside down.

My objective is to share the things I enjoy doing, mainly reading and crochet and planning the family weekly menu. This is what the majority of my posts will be about. But I also like to promote things that I am an affiliate for, so you will see posts with my favourite Etsy shops, or Amazon links, as well as a few of my other favourite sites. (Not forgetting chocolate, I love chocolate.)

Avon blogging

I also want to share my Avon business with you. I’m currently writing a guide to setting up an online Avon business for those that can’t go door to door like me. This is a new venture for me so you’ll be able to see what I do and if it works or not. Please keep your fingers crossed that it does.

Avon on my blog

I hope to be able to generate a little extra income from this blog but would also like to share my journey with you so you can see how it’s done. When you are housebound, it’s good to find ways of increasing your income and keeping your mind active and basically, that’s the whole purpose of this blog.

My blog is not just for selling though

I also want to share my love of reading and crochet with you, and I run a monthly link up for book readers to join in.

Well, that’s a bit about me for now. If you want to get in touch my e-mail is athomealotblog@gmail.com