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Weekly Meal Plan – Another Birthday

We have started the week with another birthday. It is Boo’s 13th and I made her a lovely lunch of pizza, sausage rolls, mini poppadoms, french fries, cheesy biscuits, chicken pops and cake to follow. They had a lovely time. For tonight’s dinner I’m just making them hot dogs and the grown ups are having Thai tofu and noodles.

another birthday, party food.
party food

Last weeks menu went well. We enjoyed the meals from Mindful Chef, the Dukkah pork was really yummy and it was the first time I have cooked lettuce and I loved it. The Salmon with with bubble and squeek was really nice too, but it was way too much cabbage. If you would like to try Mindful Chef you can get £20 off your first box and I can get £20 off too. All you have to do is put my e-mail in the referral box..my email is okesanne@gmail.com, click banner for website.

This Weeks Menu – Another Birthday

Weekly meal plan banner with a healthy colourful bowl of food.
  • Monday – hot dogs for the kids, Thai Tofu and noodles for grown ups
  • Tuesday – spaghetti bolognese
  • Wednesday – Nandos chicken with wedges
  • Thursday – Quiche or pizza
  • Friday – Fish and chips
  • Saturday – curry
  • Sunday – pie and mash.

Lunches for the kids, they can choose what they want on each day

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • cheese or ham (or even cucumber) sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles
  • eggy bread cheese sandwiches
  • sausage sandwiches
  • sausage and beans and waffles

I’m still hoping that one day we will be able to have a BBQ soon. Come on British Summer, when will you come back?

Last week I moved the lamb pasta bake to Sunday because it took hours to cook. It was really yummy though, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think it sounded as good as it tasted. I’ll do it again sometime.

If you have kids and would like to get them interested in cooking, I’ve just become an affiliate for a fabulous kids monthly recipe box called Little Cooks. You can read my post about it here.

Have a lovely tasty week, I’d pass you some birthday cake if I could. Don’t worry, I have two weeks until the next one.

Anne x

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Afternoon Tea Ideas with Twinings Tea.

Afternoon tea is such a British tradition. It began back in 1840 when the Duchess of Bedford decided that it was too lunch to wait for sustenance between lunch and dinner. She often had an afternoon snack of cakes and sandwiches with tea. And so, Afternoon Tea was born.

afternoon tea
afternoon tea

Traditional Afternoon Tea

A traditional afternoon tea would be presented on a three tier platter and contain a savoury treats, like sandwiches, then a plate of scones with jam and cream, and finally a plate of little cakes, or cake slices. This would be served with a pot of tea. You can still buy an afternoon in tea in some hotels in London. More common are the cream teas in Devon and Cornwall where you just get the scones and tea. It’s generally served late afternoon around 3-4pm. With the idea that lunch was at 12 noon and dinner not until 8pm.

My Favourite Teas.

I love Twinings Tea and I am an affiliate for them, so all links will be my affiliated links. This means that if you click through and purchase it won’t cost you any extra, but it may earn me a little money, so thank you in advance.

If you hurry Twinings are offering free delivery on orders over £20 this week. (up until 26th July)

Here are a few of my favourite teas which would compliment an afternoon tea.

twinings cherry bakewell tea
£2.69 for 20 bags, in a 3 for 2 offer.

No cherry bakewells on your plate? …never mind you can get the flavour with theses yummy tea bags.

Earl Grey tea
£3.59 for 50 bags

Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas and would compliment your sandwiches and cake perfectly.

camomile tea
£1.14 for 20 bags, currently 50% off

If it’s relaxation you are looking for then you can’t go wrong with cup of camomile tea. Just drink and take the rest of the afternoon off. Or take five minutes to relax before beginning again.

Twiinings energise green tea
£1.34 for 20 bags, currently 50% off

Got a busy afternoon? Then energise yourself with a superblend of green tea, mandarin, apple and Guarana with a boost of Vit B6 too.

I do find drinking tea so refreshing, but if it’s a cold drink you would prefer then I can highly recommend Twinings Cold Infuse. They really are refreshing and I often pop a bag into my water bottle.

twinings cold infuse tea
Cold infuse from £3.79 for 12 bags

There are lots of flavours to choose from, my personal favourite is Blueberry, Apple and Blackcurrant. I’m definitely trying Rose Lemonade next though.

What’s your favourite tea? Have you tried Cold Infuse?

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Weekly Meal Plan – Summer Time

Ah, the summer holidays have begun, but we are not going on holiday. It’s kind of setting in now and I feel quite sad about it. At first I just wanted to stay safe, now I just want some freedom! Anyway, it’s summer time and I want my food to reflect that, but I’ve not really worked out how yet.

I didn’t write a meal plan last week. I was quite ill with a bad back and the pain relief I was given just made me feel really tired. In fact the past week has passed in a blur. I have added some new things to my menu this week and it’s also our Mindful Chef delivery, so we have two new recipes from them. If you would like to try Mindful Chef you can get £20 off your first box and I can get £20 off too. All you have to do is put my e-mail in the referral box..my email is okesanne@gmail.com, click banner for website.

This Weeks Menu – Summer Time

Weekly meal plan banner with a healthy colourful bowl of food.
  • Monday – Pizza and garlic bread, plus salad (I’m going to attempt to make a quinoa pizza for myself.
  • Tuesday – Mindful Chef Salmon with basil and pesto Bubble and Squeak, others can have southern fried chicken and salad.
  • Wednesday – lamb pasta bake
  • Thursday – Mindful Chef Dukkah pork with peaches and charred lettuce.
  • Friday – Fry up
  • Saturday – Lamb Pitta Bread
  • Sunday – pie and mash.
Dukkah pork and peaches with charred lettuce from Mindful Chef
Dukkah Pork and peaches with charred lettuce from Mindful Chef.

Lunches for the kids, they can choose what they want on each day

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • cheese or ham (or even cucumber) sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles
  • eggy bread cheese sandwiches
  • sausage sandwiches
  • sausage and beans and waffles

I didn’t do a meal plan last week and spent most of the week in confusion. But the last one I did worked out pretty well.

I hope we can stick to the plan this week, but if we do make a change I think it will be a BBQ…where is the sunshine? If it comes back we will definitely be eating outside.

If you have kids and would like to get them interested in cooking, I’ve just become an affiliate for a fabulous kids monthly recipe box called Little Cooks. You can read my post about it here.

Have a lovely tasty week and here’s to Summer Time,

Anne x

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Night Music – Jo Jo Moyes

I haven’t read a book from Jo Jo Moyes for a long time, so I took the opportunity to buy an audiobook for £3 in the Audible sale and chose Night Music. Here is what I thought of it.

l will be using affiliate links which will incur not extra cost to you but may earn me a little cash, so thank you if you go on to purchase something.

Night Music, Jo jo Moyes, book cover.

The Blurb

Isabel Delancey has always taken her gifted life for granted. But when her husband dies suddenly, leaving her with a mountain of debt, she and her two children are forced to abandon their home and move to a crumbling pile in the country.

With the house falling down around them, and the last of her savings fast disappearing, Isabel turns to her neighbours, not knowing that her mere presence there has stirred up long-standing obsessions.

As she fights to make her house a home, passions and lives collide. Isabel will discover an instinct for survival she never knew she had – and that a heart can play a new song . . .

The Audio Book

I’ve listened to Clare Corbett, the narrator, a few times now and I enjoy her storytelling. When buying an audio book it’s always a good idea to listen to a little clip to check that you can get on with the narrator, there is nothing worse than listening to a voice, or accent that grates on you. Clare Corbett is fairly easy to listen too.

The Blurb for the Audio Book.

The Spanish House is a mixture of designs, Georgian, Gothic and Moorish, as if whoever started it had simply got bored. It has long been known as an architectural folly to locals, and is now nearly derelict to boot.

When its reclusive owner dies intestate, the Spanish House is left to his city-dwelling niece. For Isabel, recently widowed, the house is a potential lifeline – the only hope she has of providing for her two children without having to sell her most treasured possession.

But for neighbour Matt McCarthy, the house is revenge – on the family who ruined his father. For his wife it’s the key to the perfect family life, while a struggling property developer sees in it a whole new future. As desires clash and intertwine, lives and loves are demolished – and the Spanish House becomes a true folly indeed…

My Review of Night Music

Jo Jo Moyes has a wonderful way of making you believe in the characters of her stories, whether it’s the main character, the protagonist, the love interest or even the shop keeper. You feel like you know them all personally.

I didn’t take to the main character straight away, she seemed very self absorbed and even had little time for her children. My two favourite characters were her mute son Tierry and the labourer Byron. I loved how their relationship developed.

The plot had plenty of little twists and turns and just when you thought everything was a bit ‘everyday ordinary’ things take a drastic, even sinister turn. The ending was a little surprising.

I listened to the book fairly quickly, I wanted to know what was going to happen next, it really is a page turner.

If you like love stories that are a little out of the ordinary, then you will enjoy this. It is ultimately a love story, but is the love for something other than romance?

If you’ve read this book? Let me know what you thought of it.

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Avon Reset Plumping Shots and Face Coverings

I am an Avon Representative which is fabulous. I can now sell Avon online to anyone in the UK. All you have to do is visit my own special Avon Store and choose your products like any other shopping site. In this post I am promoting Avon’s new Plumping shots with protinol and Face Coverings and hand gel packages.

I’d like to show you some of the things you can buy at the moment and to start with I want to show you a little video promoting Avon’s brand new Anew Skin Reset Plumping shots with Protinol.

About me:

Help restore 7 years of collagen loss in 7 days with our breakthrough Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots. Our exclusive patented Protinol™ Technology increases production of collagen III: the secret to baby skin. Instantly, skin looks fresher, smoother and more hydrated, and in just 7 days, skin looks and feels significantly firmer and plumper… your best skin in years. It’s a game-changer.

• A 1-week treatment containing 7 daily-use serum ampoules.

• Formulated to help restore skin’s baby-like bounce.

• Leaves skin looking and feeling firmer and tighter in just 1 week.

For more information: https://www.avon.uk.com/anewprotinol

How to use me:

Snap off the cap and smooth the serum over cleansed skin. Use once daily, before your day or night cream. For optimum results, complete the 7-day skin reset once per month.

“By the end of the week-long course, there was definitely more smoothness and freshness to my complexion. My complexion looks smoother and brighter overall, and I feel more confident bare faced. After a few days, I touched my face and was amazed by how soft it felt. Baby soft in fact.” – Lynne Hyland, Beauty Director at OK! Magazine


Help restore 7 years of collagen in 7 days* See intensely plumper, firmer looking skin+

*Based on in Vitro data (testing on skin cells in a controlled laboratory environment) +Based on a consumer science study with 119 participants.

Discover the collagen-boosting secret to baby skin. For intensely plumper, firmer looking skin in 7 days+

+Based on a consumer science study with 119 participants.

The Power of Retinol. Gentle on skin. Now everyone can see intensely plumper, firmer looking skin in 7 days+

+Based on a consumer science study with 119 participants.

Limited Time Offer just £15

Face Coverings and Hand Gel

These days you just can’t leave home without these vital items. Avon have some fabulous offers. The masks are a lovely soft, breathable cotton, and the hand lotion moisturises as well as protects with 64% alcohol.

face coverings from £3.50 Each in lovely blue or geometric patterns.

Special Offer Packs

Everyday Supplies pack basic: 3 re-usable face coverings and 2 x 100ml hand gels £12

Everyday Supplies Family pack: 5 re-usable face coverings, 2 x100ml hand gels and 2 x 250 ml hand gels £18

Pack of 3 re-usable face coverings (in blue, or geometric pattern) £9.00

Pack of 5 re-usable face coverings £14

1 re-usable face covering £3.50

moisturing hand spray 100ml £2.25

Hand gel pack of 3 £7

More Offers to Come!

Thanks for reading, please consider visiting my Avon Store, you can order anywhere in the UK and postage is free if you spend over £20. All the usual Avon goodies are available and there are many other fabulous offers this month including a saving of 24% of beauty bestsellers.

Previous Avon Posts.

Chronic Illness

Getting Tested At Home

With a pandemic going on, despite a lot of things starting to return, it can still be difficult to get GP or hospital appointment. Maybe you have a health problem that you’d like to get sorted sooner. Maybe you want to rule out certain conditions. Getting tested at home maybe the answer.


Letsgetchecked is a testing company which provides tests and advice for all sorts of conditions. I am an affiliate for Lets Get Checked and I’ve done a review on my test on my other blog. This means that my links will be affiliate links which will make no difference to you but may earn me some money if you go ahead an purchase a test.

The tests fall into four categories;

  • Sexual Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Wellness

Some of them crossover, for example, Wellness can cover women and men’s problems.

Just a few examples You Might wish to get tested for:

Maybe you are worried about your fertility. If you are young and healthy then it will be about a year before your GP will refer you for tests, if you are older then it it’s generally six months. Sometimes this can seem like a lifetime, but it’s very possible you will fall pregnant during this time. If you want to know quicker then you can order a quick discreet test from LetsGetChecked. There are three tests available that will give you an idea if you need more help.

Or maybe you’ve been having symptoms which point to a kidney problem, for example

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Urinating less frequently or producing a reduced volume of urine
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Seizures
  • Fluid retention
  • Swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet
  • Chest pain

LetsGetChecked can offer a quick and easy Kidney function test with online results in 5 days.

Many people have problems which are related to a lack of certain vitamins. For a brief example because there are many more symptoms related to vitamin deficiency:

  • Bone and Back Pain. …
  • Depression. …
  • Impaired Wound Healing. …
  • Bone Loss. …
  • Hair Loss. …
  • Muscle Pain.

LetsGetChecked offer three tests, vitamin B12, Vitamin D and the Essential Vitamin Test which included both B12, Vitamin D and Folate Serum.

Do you have a health issue that you’d like to find out more about? Home testing with LetsGetChecked is easy, discreet and very quick.

This is an affiliate post.

A Place to Enjoy, Shopping

My Latest Etsy Buys

I just wanted to share with you some of the lovely things I’ve purchased from Etsy lately with my Latest Etsy Buys.

My links are affiliate links so if you click them they won’t cost you any extra but may earn me a few pennies. Thank you in advance x


I couldn’t resist popping back to Love Light and Harmony for another bracelet and was thrilled to find this gorgeous lapis lazuli and rose quartz one with a delightful angel wing charm. I’m wearing it all the time.

lapis lazuli and rose quartz bracelet in box.
bracelet on wrist

I also bought this lovely, and so unique, pendant necklace made with wood and resin, from 358 Walking Sticks

unique wood and resin pendant necklace

For the Cat

I decided to treat Ash to a new collar and figured he’d look pretty cool in this camo one from Muttley and Martha

I’ll put it on him if I can keep him still long enough!!

camo cat collar with a little bell.

For the Home

I say, for the home, but it’s for me really. I’m really get back into crystals again. I have a collection dating back nearly 30 years. When Boo showed an interest in crystals recently, she was astonished to see how many I had stashed away. What I really want is a lovely bowl to display some in on my coffee table, but I’ve not found the right one yet. But while I was looking I came across is gorgeous blue agate tea light holder from Empowered Crystals.

blue agate tea light candle holder

Crochet Animal Crossing

My girls love Animal Crossing and I was delighted to find this adorable pattern for Celeste from Kittens and Mittens.

Celeste owl from animal crossing in crochet.

Of course, after downloading the pattern I also had to buy the wool from Handmade By Mary Port.

I promise to let you know how I get one with making this.

Do You Etsy?

I’ve enjoyed telling you about my latest Etsy buys, what sort of things do you like on Etsy?

If you are quick you might have time to enter my competition which finishes on 11th July. All you have to do is like my new Facebook page and this post. Then comment on the post and I’ll be picking one person at random to win a £15 Etsy voucher.

Good Luck,

Anne x

More details about competition here.

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Weekly Meal Plan – New Recipes

We are trying out some new recipes lately and it’s helping to spice up mealtimes a little. Last week we had Chimichangas which are basically deep fried enchiladas. We will probably make them again but mix up the fillings a bit. Deep fried wraps are a lot nicer than I expected.

We also had a birthday last week and my daughter decided to go for an Indian curry from our local take out restaurant. The kids had Mc Donald’s because they are not curry fans. I had a chicken tikka masala which was really tasty, but it did give me a bad stomach 🙁

There was also lots of cake!

That’s one birthday down, the next is in 3 weeks, then another 2 weeks later and another 2 weeks after that. Wish me luck!

Weekly Meal Plan with New Recipes

weekly meal plan new recipes

This week is Mindful Chef week so I have two recipes from our box.

  • Monday – Pizza and garlic bread (Monday staple)
  • Tuesday – Sweet and Sour turkey with egg fried rice (Mindful Chef)
  • Wednesday – lamb kebabs (Minted lamb burgers in pitta bread)
  • Thursday – Madras fish curry with brown rice (mindful chef)
  • Friday – Fryday Fry Up
  • Saturday – chicken and chips
  • Sunday – Gammon and potato dauphinois

Lunches for the kids, which they generally make themselves. I’ve added a couple of extra suggestions, I wasn’t able to add any extra days to the week.

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • cheese or ham (or even cucumber) sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles
  • eggy bread cheese sandwiches
  • sausage sandwiches
  • sausage and beans and waffles

Linking up with Katy as usual. Click through to see what everyone else is making this week and most of all, stay safe x

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The Suspect By Fiona Barton – A review

The Suspect, by Fiona Barton is the third of her books that revolves around reporter Kate Waters. I have already reviewed The Widow and The Child. All three books are stand alone stories, but you do get to know some characters better as the stories progress.

I use affiliate links in my posts which means if you click through I and purchase you will receive a great new read and I will receive a little payment, at no extra cost to you. So thank you in advance.

The Suspect on Audible

I’m a huge fan of Audible, I love to listen to my stories while I crochet.

The Suspect audio book edition
By: Fiona Barton
Narrated by: Clare CorbettMark MeadowsSian ThomasRia Zmitrowicz
Length: 10 hrs and 54 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 24-01-19
Language: English
Publisher: Audible Studios
Categories: Crime & Thrillers,Suspense

Paperback Edition

The Blurb

When two eighteen-year-old girls go missing on their gap year in Thailand, their families are thrust into the international spotlight: desperate, bereft and frantic with worry.

Journalist Kate Waters always does everything she can to be first to the story, first with the exclusive, first to discover the truth – and this time is no exception. But she can’t help but think of her own son, who she hasn’t seen in two years, since he left home to go travelling.

This time it’s personal. And as the case of the missing girls unfolds, they will all find that even this far away, danger can lie closer to home than you might think . . .

My Review

I loved Fiona Barton’s other two books I couldn’t wait to get reading this one. I wasn’t disappointed, it was really hard to put down. It did feel different to the other two stories though. I’m not sure if that was because Kate didn’t have her usual role in the story. Or even that Bob Sparks was otherwise occupied with his wife’s cancer. When you get used to character’s behaving differently it kind of disrupts your expectations. So, I’m a little mixed on my feelings. I loved the book, but it just wasn’t the Kate and Bob I’ve come to know through the other two stories.

It was typical Fiona Barton style though. You are presented with all you need to know to solve the case in the beginning. The clues are obvious. But the story of how they got to that conclusion is still so very intriguing. Mostly because of Fiona’s amazing characterization. You really get to know the characters and feel invested in their parts of the story.

The Audible Version of The Suspect

Again, The audible version has gone for different voice actors for each character. I found this helped a lot in the last book, The Child, as the timelines were all over the place and everyone had such a different story. This book would have worked with just one narrator like The Widow. Yes, it’s good to hear each character in their own voice, but some of the voices just didn’t seem to fit. I get a bit picky over who I’m enjoying listening too and I know that’s a personal thing.

I hope Fiona Barton continues to write about Kate Waters because I’d love to read another and find out what happens to Kate and Bob next.

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Book Worms Monthly July Link up Party

Welcome to Book worms Monthly July linkup

Hello, Welcome to Book worms Monthly, July. It took me a little longer than expected to get through The Starless Sea last month, but once I started my second book, The Suspect by Fiona Barton, I had it listened to in just 3 days. Do you find that some books you fly through a lot quicker than others. I guess some need more absorbing, while others you just can’t wait what is going to happen next?

Reading is my passion and I love to write about what I’ve read. I’m a real book worm and I have been since the day I could read. I decided to start this linky so that other book worms could Share. I’m starting monthly for now, so you have a whole month to link up your posts. You can link up to four posts, so that’s one a week. Or if you like you can link up some of your older posts.

Let’s share what we read and give other’s ideas what to read next. Tell me your reviews, you book reading lists, your author interviews, kids book favourites, Young Adult books, and even posts about your favourite authors. Anything book related is allowed and I can’t wait to read them all. I want to find all the book worms out there.Here is last months linky to give you some idea of what book worms monthly is about. I’m trying to reach out to all the book worms out there to come and join me with their posts monthly.

Join Us for Book Worms Monthly

Book worms Monthly will be posted every month, and you can join in at any time. I will share anyone who links over on my Social Media sites, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Mix (formerly Stumbleupon.) I’ll also come along and read and comment on your post. Please do share this link up with your friends.

Link up your BookWorms Monthly July book posts below.

Here’s a badge to share. No code, just copy and paste it on your blog and link the photo back to mine if you wish. Or please mention my blog 
https://athomealot.com/ with a link instead. That we we can encourage more to join in and share.

book worms monthly June

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