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I Took the Plunge and Opened An Etsy Shop

I’ve been thinking of opening an Etsy shop for a while. I love Etsy and I wanted to make things to sell too. I’ve been crocheting for a few years now and I’ve made lots of different things. My blankets have been my favourite things to make, but they take so long and I fall in love with them so I find them hard to part with. I have made two blankets for friend’s babies though, so I may make some more baby blankets. In the meantime I have made some of my second favourite things, scarves. Now, I’m afraid, as much as I feel you can’t have too many blankets, you can have two many scarves, so I’m happy to let these go to new homes.

As well as scarves I decided to add some fingerless mittens, or wrist warmers. I made some for myself and as I suffer from cold hands and carpel tunnel syndrome, I wear them all the time. I can still type and even crochet while wearing them. So, I’ve made some more to sell and I hope to get a little more adventurous with my patterns in the future.

My Etsy Shop

You Can find my Etsy Shop here: Raisiebay’s Shop

It needs a little more work and a lot more stock, but I’ve decided to share a few things I’ve made.

Graduated Blue Cowl/Infinity Scarf

blue cowl

Pink Graduated Cowl/Infinity scarf

pink cowl/infinity scarf

Thick Warm Striped Scarf

Thick stripe scarf

Blue Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers

blue fingerless mittens

Orange Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers

orange fingerless mittens/wrist warmers

Bunny Head Baby Blanket

bunny head baby blanket

I really don’t expect any sales yet, but I will keep adding to my shop until I start selling things. I have a huge stash of wool to get through. What do you think I should sell in my shop? Do you have an Etsy shop, I’m always looking for new ones?

You can see some more of my crochet on this blog.

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What Did I Buy? Favourite Things from My Etsy Winnings

Last year I was lucky enough to win £500 in vouchers to spend on Etsy. I could have gone for one expensive thing, but I decided to keep it in my account and use it for the little things I wanted to buy. I found some lovely shops and ended up with some fantastic buys. I want to share some of my favourite things with you here.

Light Up Your Life

When Boo asked me for some fairy lights for Christmas I may have gone a little over the top. I bought some lovely lights which both the girls have lining the shelves on their bunkbeds. These are so incredibly pretty and the girls love them. Battery powered, I have to keep reminding them to turn them off, but they have the switch near their pillows and are able to turn them off before going to sleep easily.

Ball shaped fairy lights in a basket
Happium party supplies, Ball Fairy Lights £8

The New Rug

I needed a new rug and I was looking for something purple and shaggy. I was so pleased to find this rug on Etsy and for only £26.99 for the size I wanted. I love it so much I’m considering buying another for my bedroom.

Purple shaggy Rug
Kalki Purple Shaggy rug from £13.49


I have always had a passion for crystals and already had a couple of crystal shops favourited on Etsy. I treated myself to some new crystal treats.

Love Light and Harmony is on of my favourite shops and the Lovely Lindsey will make bracelets depending on what you need. You can tell her your problems, physical or mental, and she will choose the perfect selection of crystals and use reiki on them before sending them to you. They are always so beautiful and unique. This is one of my favourites.

I also bought a lovely lapis Lazuli necklace from Lindsey which I don’t think I’ve taken off since I bought it.

lapiz lazuli crystal point necklace

Another of my favourite crystal suppliers is Tru Path And I bought myself some lovely things from Tru.

One was a real treat for myself and it was a gift box including a facial roller and many other crystal items.

crystal agate candle holder
Tru path agate candle holder


Mugs are a great buy and you can find any kind of mug on Etsy. I chose a mug for my daughter (the crazy cat lady) on one for my husband (the PS4 addict.)

Sadly my daughter’s cat mug is no longer available but it’s a little like this one

Soaps and Candles

Etsy is a great place for handmade soaps and candles, especially vegan ones. Here are a few that I purchased.

A Real Treat For Me from my Favourite Things

I’m not one that buys stuff for myself very often, I much prefer gifting. But as I won the voucher I felt that I could really treat myself. Of course, I bought other people gifts too, my husband had a new wallet and I bought jewellery for others, and the lights for the girls of course. I also bought some Christmas decorations including coasters and a door wreath. But now I had the chance to buy some of my favourite things.

I am a big fan of ‘His Dark Materials’ and always wanted something based on the Alethiometer than Lyra uses. I fell in love with this steam punk inspired watch based on the Alethiometer from The Geek Booteek I bought one for myself and I love it so much.

Do you Etsy? I’ve spent all of my voucher now but I was a customer before and I will remain a customer. These are some of my favourite things.

You can see all my favourite shops here.

I am an Esty affiliate so if you click any links on my page and purchase from Etsy you may earn me a little money. It will not cost you any extra so thank you for your support.

I’m going to be brave now and list my very own Etsy shop here. I will be adding items over the next few days.

See some more of my Etsy posts here.

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My First Crochet Mandala

Last year we enjoyed an evening at the Bournville (where they make chocolate) light turning on festival. One of the things that caught my eye were these lovely crochet mandala which were hung in the trees.

a selection of crochet mandalas hanging from trees in the twilight.

Ever since I saw them I wanted to make my own mandala, but it was a long time coming. Last week I finished my first ever mandala which I decided to hang in a hoop like the ones in this tree. I was really pleased with it, especially as it was my first attempt.

My First Crochet Mandala

My Crochet Mandala in a hoop

I have already shared the photo on my other blog so you may have seen it before. But I am pretty chuffed with my effort and I’m now in the process of making another with different colours. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Maybe I’ll make a Christmas coloured one to hang in my window.

My Next Crochet Projects

I shared a post recently about some Christmas projects I wanted to make. I’ve had a go at making a snowflake, but I went a little wrong…but hey, what snowflake is perfect?

crochet snowflake

Simply Crochet

Some of the following links are affiliate links which if you click through and purchase something it will not cost you any extra but may earn me some money. Thank you in advance for your support.

I subscribe to Simply Crochet Magazine every month and I really look forward to my magazine arriving through my letterbox. I love it when I get a free gift with the magazine and this month I got this lovely 2021 Calendar full of fabulous crochet zodiac characters. I’ve already ordered a pile of wool from Deramores and can’t wait to make a character or two (or even twelve!)

I’d love to know what you have been making recently. Leave me a comment if you want me to visit your blog in return. Or let me know.

I also have a new Instagram account where I am posting all of my crochet projects. I’d love it if you took a look.

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Christmas Crochet Projects

If you are a crafter then you probably have most of your Christmas makes already on the go or even finished. However, some, like me, are a bit late starting so I have put together a list of some quick and easy crochet projects for you to get done in time for Christmas.

I will be including affiliate links throughout my post. This means that if you click through and buy something it may earn me a little money…at no extra cost to you! So big thanks if you do.


This first one I’ve ordered myself so I’ll let you know how I get on. It’s a lovely Christmas tree bunting. You can download the pattern for free or buy the yarn and pattern for £7. I’m thinking this won’t take long to make.

little crochet christmas trees bunting

Last Christmas I took part in the Deramores Christmas CAL (Crochet Along) and I did most of the items in the pack, yes, I even managed to finish the cushion cover. You can do this again this year. Again the patterns can be downloaded for free, but you can also buy packs of yarn for £21.68 or a complete pack with yarn, cushion and eyes for £30.92.

Christmas crochet along pack with cushion tree decorations, placemats and a big Christmas stocking

I have already been sent a copy of these snowflakes as a free gift in my last package from Deramores. I’ve had a go at a couple and they are a bit tricky at first but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make a few in time for the tree going up. Or I may make them to hang in the window. Digital pattern is free, and pattern with wool just £1.95

Christmas crochet snowflakes

Here is something a little different, these would be great for those with a new baby in the family for Christmas. A lovely set of Christmas jumpers and rompers. These are £2.40 for the pattern and £8.04 for the pattern and wool.

Christmas crochet, set of tiny red jumpers and romper suits.

Christmas Crochet Projects – Gifts

Gnomes are quite popular at the moment and you can crochet a complete gnome family for a Christmas treat. The pattern for these four gnomes and a present sack is just £2 for a digital download. Or you can purchase the pattern and wool for £11.75 and add the stuffing for £14.75. The sets would also make a great gift for someone who loves to crochet too.

Four Christmas crochet gnomes in blue and red sitting on logs against a brick wall

Scarfs make such lovely gifts and are even more special when they have been handmade. They can also be relatively quick and easy to make and don’t have to take the break the bank. This pattern is free to download and you can choose whatever colours you wish, or you can buy the kit with wool for just £6.18.

Colour block scarf.

I love these fabulous flat animal cuddly toys and they look pretty easy to make. In fact I’m going to have a go at this lovely rabbit by downloading the free pattern. You can also buy the pattern and yarn for £5.37.

These are just a very few of the things you could crochet for Christmas. I get all my inspiration from Deramores my favourite wool shop. They always have some amazing offers and if you pop along this week there is a special offer every day!

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Teen Gift List for Girls

I have two Teenage girls (and a boy, but I’ll write about him later) and I really don’t know what to get them for Christmas. Thankfully there are lots of teen gift lists to browse and I hope that I can include some ideas here that not only my girls will like but you will feel inspired too.

Teen Girls Gift Guide

Emma from Emma and 3 has written a fabulous guide of teen and tween gifts which I know my girls would be really happy with. One thing she mentions is a journal and I generally buy my girls a journal every year.

Teen girls also love a bit of pampering and I love this pampering pack from Avon which contains everything from bubble bath to face masks.

Pyjamas are always an easy choice. You can choose something plain, pretty or go for a favourite character or theme. I particularly like these Disney Villains pjs from Character.

lady wearing disney villians pyjamas in grey and black
Disney Villains pyjamas from Character.com

Books are always a good choice, especially if you know what they like reading. A Harry Potter fan for instance gives you loads of options. If you are not sure though, you can always opt for something more generic like the Guinness Book of Records (my teen has one of these every year) or even something inspiring like this fab book, Be Happy Be You. You can read my review here.


My girls have a switch and have asked for a retro game this year, Super Mario 3D All Stars. A new game is always a good option if you know what sort they like playing.

You can find a list of games over on Rainbows are Too Beautiful which may give you more inspiration.

When you get to technology though you can end up spending a small fortune. My girls had new tablets last year and this year they are having a new computer between them (only when they’ve cleaned their room) but I’ve been given a voucher to buy one so it’s not costing me too much. I can’t believe how desktop computers have sky rocketed in price, it’s probably because laptops and tablets are more popular now. You don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to tech. though. All kids love a new pair of headphones or earphones.

blue headphones

I think I may be ready to start Christmas shopping now, how about you? Do you have teens to buy for?

Do you remember what your favourite gift was when you were a teen?

This post contains affiliate links, thanks for your support.

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Christmas At Avon

I know some people think it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas but it’s just over 9 weeks away. That’s not long and it will creep up on us quickly. I am an Avon Representative and I do all of my selling online as I can’t go door to door. I’ve picked out some of the Avon Christmas treats that have just arrived for you to look at. You can shop at my online shop www.avon.uk.com/store/annesweet from anywhere in the UK and look out for free delivery offers too.

Pyjamas for Christmas from Avon.

I love Avon pyjamas and their Christmas selection is always so sweet. But if you don’t want Christmas themed pyjamas you can always choose some of their other pyjamas as gifts or for yourself.

collage of four pairs of pyjamas which are described in the blog.
  1. Good Morning Tassel Pjs adult £14.50
  2. Dachshund Through the Snow pjs Adult £14.50
  3. Make Your Own Magic Pjs Adult £15.00, kids £10
  4. lavender scented pjs adults £22

Advent Calendar

I love the Avon new 12 Days of Christmas Calendar. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a gift that lasted 12 days…or you could open the gifts in the 12 days countdown before Christmas…you now, just in case you forget the actual day 😉

Image shows a large red box with 12 numbers on and 12 make up products in front.
Avon Christmas Calendar £25

A Scent For Christmas

Buying a lovely scent is a popular choice for Christmas and Avon has plenty. Here is a small collage of some of my favourites, including some beautiful boxed gift sets.

a collage of scents from avon listed below.
  1. Far Away for Her gift set £12
  2. Elite Gentleman Gift Set £12
  3. Attraction for Him Gift Set £18
  4. Attraction for Her Gift Set £18

Christmas Decorations

Here are a few decorations from Avon for Christmas.

christmas decorations from Avon as described below. A christmas tree, lantern and string of lights
  • LED Christmas Countdown tree £10
  • tea candle lantern £7
  • String of lights £8

Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

I love the smells of Christmas and Avon Capture them perfectly with their home fragrances. Here are some of my favourites.

Image shows products listed below, a diffuser, a room spray and a candle
  • Winter Spice Home Fragrance Diffuser £5
  • Winter Spice Home Fragrance Room Spray £5
  • Winter Spice Home Fragrance Candle £6

Thank you for reading. Remember, you can order from my Avon Store anywhere in the UK. it’s real easy to order and you can find many special offers if you sign up for the Avon Newsletter. I really appreciate all the support I get from my Avon customers.

If you are a new Avon representative and want to learn more about selling online I wrote a couple of posts you may find interesting.

Setting Up Your Avon Store Online

Five Tips for Working Avon Online

Image shows a blue map of the UK
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Black History Month Celebrating on Etsy

I’m a huge fan of Etsy, I’m still working on stuff for my own shop, but it’s such hard work. That’s why I totally appreciate all the work that any Etsy Seller has put into their shops and I spend many happy hours browsing and buying when I can. October is Black History Month so I’m going to feature a few Black sellers to celebrate.

I’m also an Etsy Affiliate so my links may earn me some money but will cost you no more. Thanks for your support x

Black History Month Best Picks

I was going to put things into categories, but I’ve decided to just go for the things that have caught my eye and made me wish for them. Some are cultural, some are made by black sellers but all are a celebration of their amazing talents.

Bespoke Binny makes African Print inspired lampshades, pillows, aprons and more. And they are stunning!! If you are looking for something colourful and amazing for your home then look no further.

African print lampshade from Etsy.
Wax Print Lampshade £41.99
printed table placemats
Printed placemats £19.99 for 2
printed kitchen oven gloves
Kitchen gloves £25.99

Klndra is a shop for Jesmonite Resin homewares. You can find some very interesting and unique things in this shop.

pretty marbled trinket tray
Trinket tray £15
pretty marbled coasters
Coasters/trinket trays £14

BoutiqueDeBandeaux makes hair accessories which are bright and beautiful. Whether your hair is thick and curly or just straight, these will look amazing on any type of hair. I want some neon scrunchies! The headbands would look amazing for special occasions.

bright and colourful scrunchies
Neon Scrunchies £12.99
jewel headband
iridescent jewel headband £25.99
silk hairband
Satin Headband £12.99

I feel like I’ve only just touched on the amazing things you can find on Etsy from Black Sellers. Will you show your appreciation for their hard work?

You can find even more with Etsy’s Editor Picks Celebrating Black History Month in the UK

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Kerfuffle and Malarkey Tee Shirts.

I’ve recently become an affiliate for Kerfuffle and Malarkey tee shirts which means that if you choose to purchase something from their site I will earn a little money without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

I chose to be an affiliate because they do some amazing tee shirts in three different categories, my favourite being the Animal Magic Range.

Animal Magic Tee Shirts.

The Tee Shirts come in both children and adult sizes. The designs are very similar for both but you get a choice of 16 different colours and loads of different sizes.

Kerfuffle and malarky adult tee shirts, animal magic.

Kerfuffle and Malarky create tee shirts that match their name which are meant to excite, stimulate and even be a little silly. It’s a British company, clothing is designed and made in the UK and sourced from a UK based supplier with ethical cotton sourced from India. You can find out more about their designs and ethics you can visit their website

The animal magic collection is for anyone, big or small, who just loves animals. They have got designs featuring farmyard to safari, polar bears to penguins, cats & dogs, bees and the oceans! For adults purchases 10% of the profit goes to the WWF and for children’s 10% goes to Barnardos.

Rainbow Range

rainbow tee shirts for pride

The Rainbow range is in support of the LGBT+ community. Show your colours all year around with these bright statements of individuality and support. There are a wide range of designs and colours to choose from. 10% of profits are donated to the Sport Allies charity.

Slogan Tee Shirts

Currently there are six slogan tee shirts available in different colours and sizes. 10% of profits go to Amnesty International.

If you are looking for a new tee shirt…or dare I say, unusual Christmas present. Then why not take a look at Kerfuffle and Malarkey and give a local small business a chance.

Kerfuffle and Malarkey on Facebook.

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Getting Nautical With Crochet

I’ve found some delightful nautical themes for you today. I hope you enjoy them. There is something so nice about bringing a little of the sea side into your home.

Let’s start with some fabulous cushions to crochet.

Rectangular Anchor Cushion Kit

image shows a rectangluar anchor cushion on a nautical theme.

You can buy this kit from Deramores. The pattern alone costs just £1, The pattern and wool costs £9.75 and if you want the cushion pad as well then you can get the complete kit for £13.75. Size 40cm x 30 cm

Mini Anchor Cushion Kit

image shows a dark blue cushion with mini white anchors

Maybe this mini anchor cushion suits you better. Again the pattern is only £1, the pattern and wool £9.75 and the full kit including cushion pad is £15.75. Size 40cm x 40cm

If you like them both then you can buy them together.

image shows both the square striped cushion with a large anchor and the blue cushion with small white anchors.

You can get the digital pattern for both for just £1, the pattern and wool for £18.50, and wool, pattern and cushion pads for £30. The wool used is Deramores Studio DK, I’ve used this wool several times before and it’s lovely to work with.

Beach Hut Cushion

Who loves beach huts? Yeah, me too, they are so cute. And look how cute they look on this cushion.

image shows a blue and white cushion with a row of blue, white and red beach huts in a nautical theme.

The pattern for this is £1.50, the wool and pattern £14.60 and the wool, pattern and cushion pad just £20. I love the colours and the tassells. The cushion is 40cm by 30cm and the wool, Deramores Studio DK.

Tote Bag with a Nautical Theme

tote bag with nautical theme

If cushions are not your thing, what about this gorgeous sunny tote bag. You can download the pattern for FREE! Or if you want the pattern and wool then it will cost you £11.82

Gentle Waves Blanket.

Or maybe you want to bring the sea home with this gorgeous gentle waves blanket.

image shows a blanket in waves of blue and sand draped over a blue chair

The small pack of pattern and wool costs £18.24 and measures 30 by 36 inches when finished. It takes 9 balls of wool.

Or you can buy the larger version for £31.10 it measures 48 by 72 inches when finished and includes 18 balls of wool.

I hope you have enjoyed my nautical crochet finds. I use affiliate links in my posts which means if you click and purchase something it won’t cost you anything extra, but it may earn me a little money. So, thank you for your support.

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Do You Need More Sleep?

It’s so hard to function when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s also hard to get more sleep sometimes. Today I’m telling you about a Free sleep course that you can get in your e-mail box. It starts today and runs for the rest of the week. Click the image below to access the course. Or Click the link Sleep Well Mini course

Sleep Well mini course. click for help with getting more sleep

All you have to do to access the free course is submit your e-mail address on the page.

LSW Mind Cards

LSW Mind Cards are the creation of Lili Sinclair Williams, who is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. They are a simple pack of cards which can help you improve your mind set and your life. You will realise that it’s the smallest gestures and thought processes that can bring you the most happiness. I’ve had a pack for a while and I still use them daily.

As well as the Mind Cards you can also purchase guided meditation recordings for just £2.99. These are available for relaxation, gratitude, reflection and to de-stress.

Finally there is a fabulous e-book called Getting to Know You, which is available to download for £3.95.

You can read my review of the LSW Mind Cards here. But the free offer is no longer available. Instead you can get a free course to help you get more sleep.

I am an affiliate for LSW Mind Cards and if you choose to purchase something from my links I may earn a little money at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.