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Do You Play Wordle? I’ve got some answers and tips

I love playing Wordle, It helps me take a five minute break each day to think about nothing but whatever that 5 letter word could be. If you don’t know about Wordle then you can find it free to play (Currently) on the New York Times Website.

So what is Wordle and how do you play? You may have seen someone posting their efforts on Facebook or Twitter and wondered what those little blocks are all about. Something like this.

Wordle 305 6/6

Basically, you get six guesses at a five letter word. If you get a letter right and in the right place it turns green. If you get a letter that is in the word but in the wrong place it turns yellow. If the letter is not in the word it turns grey.

Wordle 305, My Attempt

This is my attempt from Wordle 305 on Wednesday 20th April 2022

Wordle 305 results

Let me walk you through it. I don’t choose the same word each day but I do tend to go for an emotive word or a feeling, and I make sure I have at least two vowels in it. Today I went for ‘weary’ (bad night last night, lol)

As you can see, the letters and A and R went yellow so they were in the word but not in the right place. The rest of the letters were wrong and blanked out on the alphabet below so you know you shouldn’t use them again.

For my second word I was trying out some new vowels and discovered the word had an ‘O’ in it. So, now I had AR and O That’s more than half the letters, but they were all in the wrong spaces. In the next word I tried all three letters in different spaces but had no success. In the fourth word I was getting a little desperate so I dropped the O but my word found the correct position of the A and I found a G. I now had four letters, ARO and G. I just had to get them in the right order.

By the fifth attempt I was getting really worried as I normally solve it in four and I still had no idea what I was going for. This word gave me the correct position for A and G and left me with only one place for the R to go (in the middle) so I just had to use the letters I had left and work out what it was.

So I knew that the word was _ARG_ and there had to be an O in there. It didn’t seem likely that the O would be at the beginning, so I was left with _ARGO and just had to work through the letters left to make a word. Then it came to me, CARGO. Six attempts but at least I got it in the end.

Facebook Group

I know that some people like to play but don’t like posting their results all over Social Media. I love seeing people’s attempts and talking about Wordle (so long as you don’t give away the answer too soon, that’s a big no no! ) So, I set up a Facebook Group for Wordle Scores and Chat.

In my group you can click on the share button after completing Wordle and your scores are copied to a clipboard. Then you can just post them in the Facebook group. I schedule posts every day for each game and on Monday’s I post the words for the previous weeks.

Last weeks words were:

  • 296 squad
  • 297 royal
  • 298 chunk
  • 299 mince
  • 300 shame
  • 301 ample
  • 302 cheek

Come and join us if you want to talk about Wordle and share your scores. I also occasionally play other games such as Worldle or Quordle, I’m really not very good at Heardle though.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Play Wordle? I’ve got some answers and tips”

  1. I love Wordle but there has been some stinkers of words lately. I always start with adieu to get most of the vowels out then go with something with s, t and r included.
    I am way better at Heardle than I am Wordle. lol

    1. I’ve never been very good at guessing the beginning of a song/tune. Adieu is a good starter word.

  2. I’ve never heard of wordle before but I like word games. Thanks for a good description of the play – I’ll go check it out. #MMBC

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