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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge and Special Offer

I’m a big fan of LSW Mind Cards and we use ours all the time. Today is Random Acts of Kindness day and LSW Mind Cards are presenting some lovely, simple ways you can take part. And for Today Only you can get 20% off all products on the LSW site with the code: KINDNESS

Random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day so we are celebrating all things kind today and we have a challenge for you.

We’ve compiled a short list of random acts of kindness for you to look through and see if there is one you might be able to implement today. Give one a go and see what chain of kindness you can begin…

☆ Say hello when you pass strangers on your walk today

☆ Support a local independent business by writing a nice review online

☆ Hide a friendly note in a public place

☆ Compliment a colleague on their hard work

☆ Send a friend you haven’t seen recently a nice message to let them know you’re thinking of them

☆ Make a donation to a charity

☆ Offer to cook your partner or housemate dinner tonight

☆ Call an elderly relative to catch up

Have a go and see how it makes you feel. For our Random Act of Kindness we’re offering you 20% off all of our products today. Simply use the code ‘Kindness’ at checkout.

See you on Friday when we’ll be giving you a free guided meditation written and recorded by me, Lili, which I’ve written to help you experience and participate in more kindness moving forward.

Stay safe and have a lovely day!

Lili and the team x

So, what do you think? Can you share a little kindness today…or any day?

I am an affiliate for LSW Mind Cards so if you click through to the site and purchase anything, I may earn a little commission at no extra cost to you.

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Mind Cards For Kids

I’m a big fan of LSW Mind Cards and use mine regularly. This morning I shared them amongst my family so we could all pick a card. I thought how great it would be if they were designed more for kids. Then, this afternoon I get an e-mail to say they’ve introduced a new kids range. I’m first in line for a packet!

LSW Mind Cards Kids Edition
Lsw Mind Cards, Kids Edition £8.99

How to use:

Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card. LSW Mind Cards will help them to become more mindful of their thoughts and feelings, giving them the tools needed to become more grounded, patient and resilient. The actions on the cards will encourage them to practise compassion, empathy and self-love.

What you get:

30 individually designed cards presented in a beautiful lidded box. The cards are split across the following 5 categories:

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is learning to be fully present in the moment. This can be difficult for children, but by using these simple techniques they can learn to focus their minds on the current task and block out distractions. Calming and clearing the mind can encourage better concentration, divert tantrums, ease tensions and improve sleep.

Gratitude – Gratitude exercises can transform our negative thoughts to positive awareness of what we are thankful for in our lives. Benefits of practising gratitude can include improved self-esteem and mental health, better sleep, and improved supportive relationships with others, as well as a stronger development of empathy, optimism and good manners.

Kindness – We can all appreciate how important kindness is. Kindness triggers the same physiological responses that are associated with happiness. Teaching your child the importance of kindness at an early age can lead to improved self-esteem, a greater sense of calm and reduced anxiety.

Repeat after me – Teaching children to practise positive thinking helps to shape their beliefs from a young age. Saying a statement out loud will encourage your child to create a more positive mindset and healthy belief system. Teaching your child to be kind to themselves builds a healthy foundation as they grow through life.

Today I am – Experiencing emotions can often be difficult for children when they don’t have the appropriate words to express what they are feeling. This can lead to difficult behaviour. Encourage your child to talk about what they are feeling and let them choose the appropriate emotion card to attach to that feeling. Discuss what actions they can take to resolve it in a positive way and what they might be able to do next time this occurs.

Children’s Mental Health

It’s been a difficult year, especially for kids. I wrote all about Children’s Mental Health on my other blog for Mental Health Awareness Day. We need to look out for Children and something simple like these cards can help them become more aware of their own needs.

Mind Cards are a simple and fun way of becoming more aware of the things on our mind, whether they are bothering us or making us happy.

I love that these ones have been created for children and I think they are a great way for kids to explore their emotions and aspirations.