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Giving Back to my Avon Customers with a free gift offer

As you may know, I am an Avon representative. If you want regular updates on Facebook then please check out my Facebook Page for all my special offers and free gift.

At present I’m looking for more people to sign up to my store. This means you will get regular e-mails from Avon (not an excessive amount) In return, I’m offering to send out a free gift to one of my subscribers every month. You don’t even have to buy anything.

Avon free gift poster

Special Offers this Month

As it’s Veganuary, Avon are promoting their Distillery products;

We get it, it’s 2020 and you want a skincare and make-up range that has it all.

Vegan? Check. Eco-conscious*? It better be. Allergy tested? Definitely.

And that’s where distillery comes in. Think clean beauty and pure ingredients. It’s skincare and make-up that combines high-performance, vegan-friendly ingredients with beautiful textures, environmentally-conscious packaging and an ethical mindset.

From a potent burst of lip colour to a highly concentrated vitamin C powder, it’s time to wake up your beauty routine and join the distillery revolution.

distillary products
distillary, vegan, fragrance free, alcohol free, clinically tested, dermatology tested, allergy tested
distillery mascara, you could get this as a free gift if you are a subscriber to my Avon Store online
distillery shadow shots
distillery lipstick, I give out a free gift to my online store Avon customers every month.

You can view all of the distillery items at their reduced prices over on my Avon Store, AnneSweetAvon

And don’t forget, just by signing up you could be in with a chance of receiving a free gift.

Order Anywhere in the UK

Do you use Avon? Do you have a local representative? Did you know you can shop Avon online? I have my own shop and as I am disabled I have only a few customers I can meet up with so I rely on my online shop to get by. Please stop by and check out my Avon store

did you know you can order from my shop anywhere in the UK?

I’m also in the process of writing a series of blog posts on how you can set up and run an online Avon business. Follow my progress through the following posts.

How to Set up your own Avon Store Online.

Five Tips for Working Avon Online

My New Venture, I’m an Avon Representative

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A Place to Enjoy, A Place to Reflect

LSW Mind Cards – A Review and Free Gift (but hurry!)

Please note: I am an affiliate for LSW Mind Cards and although I have not been compensated for this post, if you purchase anything in the future from one of my links I will earn a little bit of commission. Thank you so much for supporting my blog.

LSW Mind Cards


LSW Mind Cards are a pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

By introducing positive habits into your everyday, Mind Cards will give you the power to create the healthiest and happiest life for you.

A Free Gift

For the next few days you can get this Relaxation Download worth £2.99 using the code – freelaxation. The recording helps you to relax and drift off for some much-needed ‘me time’.
Why not take advantage this weekend and treat yourself.

I’ve been reading through the e-book, Getting to Know You, by Lili Sinclair Williams, the creator of LSW Mind Cards. I can thouroughly recommend the opportunity for a little self discovery. In this busy world it’s easy to forget who we really are and what we want from life.

The book and the cards both help you to become more mindful, but it’s broken down into manageable chunks. It’s a sad life if you can’t afford to spend just 10 minutes on yourself.

LSW Mind Cards

lsw mind cards spread out

Each day I take a card from my pack of LSW Mind Cards and read what it says, it could be any one of the five catagories, kindness, ritual, gratitude, gratitude, journal or reflection. Then I do what is written on the card. I have started keeping a journal for writing down things that need to be written, but not all the cards require this. Even the Journal cards can just be spent thinking rather than writing down if you don’t wish to.

What do you think? Is this something you could incorporate into your life? Can you take just a few minutes each day to focus on yourself?

Please take advantage of the free download while you can and see what you think.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers. I didn’t actually remember to celebrate my blogs first Birthday last November. I guess I was a bit busy. I can’t believe that Stay At Home A Lot has been going for over a year!

If you are new here then welcome, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect and let you know what my blog is all about. Up in my Header you can see Four catagories and an About Me page.

The Four Categories

A Place to Read

Reading is a passion of mine right from when I was young and I’d read my books well into the night and go to school with dark rings around my eyes. It was always worth it though. I like to write book reviews, mostly for pleasure but also to share with you so you may get some ideas. I will often use affiliate links to my books as they can earn me a little money if you go ahead and buy, and with no extra cost to you!

I’m also an affiliate for Audible as I like to listen to a lot of my books and I’ve been an Audible member for many years. If you want to know more about Audible you can read my prize winning post Five Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audible.

I also run a monthly link up for all book lovers who like to write about books they’ve read or want to read. It’s called Bookworms Monthly and you can catch up with the latest link up right here.

A Place To Eat –

Mostly you will find my weekly meal plans under this heading but I hope to be sharing some more recipes with you too. I find budgeting for food a real task, and I have seven people to feed at home. Sometimes making sandwhiches for everyone can be a mammoth task in itself.

I hope you will join me and enjoy my food related posts.

A Place To Enjoy –

This is a bit of a mixture of things that I enjoy. When you are home a lot this generally means hobbies or shopping.

I love to crochet so I’ll be sharing all my makes with you and letting you know of the best places to get your wool and patterns.

I also love to shop, so you’ll find a lot of shopping posts here. Again from places I’m affiliated with so please feel free to click through. Remember, if you purchase you’ll earn me a little cash at no extra cost to yourself. (More money = More wool)

A Place to Earn –

Here you will find my hints and advice on how to earn money from home. I’m currently an Avon Representative trying to set up an online business so I’ll let you know how I do that step -by-step. I’ll also share guides on how to make money from being an affiliate and which programs to join.

Also, I have sideline earnings in matched betting and filling in surveys. It all helps.

Thank You –

For reading me, and I hope I can help in any way. You can find out how to get in touch with me on my ‘About Me’ page.

Happy New Year!

Anne x

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A Place to Read

Book Worms Monthly – January

Hello, Welcome to Book Worms Monthly January. Have you got a goal on how many books you’d like to read this Year? I aim low and try to read at least one a month, my first January book is still going from December, but it is a big one. I’ll tell you more about that later

Reading is my passion and I love to write about what I’ve read. I’m a real book worm and I have been since the day I could read.

I decided to start this linky so that other book worms could Share. I’m starting monthly for now, so you have a whole month to link up your posts. You can link up to four posts, so that’s one a week. Or if you like you can link up some of your older posts.

Let’s share what we read and give other’s ideas what to read next. Tell me your reviews, you book reading lists, your author interviews, kids book favourites, Young Adult books, and even posts about your favourite authors. Anything book related is allowed and I can’t wait to read them all. I want to find all the book worms out there.

Here is last months linky to give you some idea of what it’s about. It’s a new linky so I’m trying to reach out to all the book worms out there to come and join me with their posts monthly.

Join Us for Book Worms Monthly January!

Book worms Monthly will be posted every four weeks, and you can join in at any time. I will share anyone who links over on my Social Media sites, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Mix (formerly Stumbleupon.) I’ll also come along and read and comment on your post. Please do share this link up with your friends.

Link up your Book Worm Monthly January book posts below.

Here’s a badge to share. No code, just copy and paste it on your blog and link the photo back to mine if you wish. Or please mention my blog 
https://athomealot.com/ with a link instead. That we we can encourage more to join in and share.

january book worm

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