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Do You Need More Sleep?

It’s so hard to function when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s also hard to get more sleep sometimes. Today I’m telling you about a Free sleep course that you can get in your e-mail box. It starts today and runs for the rest of the week. Click the image below to access the course. Or Click the link Sleep Well Mini course

Sleep Well mini course. click for help with getting more sleep

All you have to do to access the free course is submit your e-mail address on the page.

LSW Mind Cards

LSW Mind Cards are the creation of Lili Sinclair Williams, who is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. They are a simple pack of cards which can help you improve your mind set and your life. You will realise that it’s the smallest gestures and thought processes that can bring you the most happiness. I’ve had a pack for a while and I still use them daily.

As well as the Mind Cards you can also purchase guided meditation recordings for just £2.99. These are available for relaxation, gratitude, reflection and to de-stress.

Finally there is a fabulous e-book called Getting to Know You, which is available to download for £3.95.

You can read my review of the LSW Mind Cards here. But the free offer is no longer available. Instead you can get a free course to help you get more sleep.

I am an affiliate for LSW Mind Cards and if you choose to purchase something from my links I may earn a little money at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.

A Place to Enjoy, A Place to Reflect

LSW Mind Cards – A Review and Free Gift (but hurry!)

Please note: I am an affiliate for LSW Mind Cards and although I have not been compensated for this post, if you purchase anything in the future from one of my links I will earn a little bit of commission. Thank you so much for supporting my blog.

LSW Mind Cards


LSW Mind Cards are a pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

By introducing positive habits into your everyday, Mind Cards will give you the power to create the healthiest and happiest life for you.

A Free Gift

For the next few days you can get this Relaxation Download worth £2.99 using the code – freelaxation. The recording helps you to relax and drift off for some much-needed ‘me time’.
Why not take advantage this weekend and treat yourself.

I’ve been reading through the e-book, Getting to Know You, by Lili Sinclair Williams, the creator of LSW Mind Cards. I can thouroughly recommend the opportunity for a little self discovery. In this busy world it’s easy to forget who we really are and what we want from life.

The book and the cards both help you to become more mindful, but it’s broken down into manageable chunks. It’s a sad life if you can’t afford to spend just 10 minutes on yourself.

LSW Mind Cards

lsw mind cards spread out

Each day I take a card from my pack of LSW Mind Cards and read what it says, it could be any one of the five catagories, kindness, ritual, gratitude, gratitude, journal or reflection. Then I do what is written on the card. I have started keeping a journal for writing down things that need to be written, but not all the cards require this. Even the Journal cards can just be spent thinking rather than writing down if you don’t wish to.

What do you think? Is this something you could incorporate into your life? Can you take just a few minutes each day to focus on yourself?

Please take advantage of the free download while you can and see what you think.