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Weekly Meal Plan – When Cooking Becomes a Chore

When Cooking Becomes a Chore

I didn’t write a menu last week. I was just so fed up of cooking. I winged it and we ended up having two take outs! The first was planned as it was Star’s birthday and she wanted a pizza from Dominoes. I always use Top Cash Back* (referral link) when ordering take outs, it earns me a little cash and over time it adds up. I’m currently just short of withdrawing £100 and I’ve withdrawn over £1000 over the years.

This Weeks Menu, it’s a Mindful Chef Week

I have my Mindful Chef delivery on Tuesday and we have a chicken recipe and a vegetarian recipe arriving. I’ve also chosen a pork recipe from their cookbook. I am really trying to get my love of cooking back.

Weekly meal plan banner with a healthy colourful bowl of food. This week we are trying something new
  • Monday – Quiche and pizza (Something quick and easy as I’ve a hospital appointment)
  • Tuesday – Chipotle Chicken, sweet potato and avocado
  • Wednesday – Lamb Burgers in pitta bread with salad and curly fries
  • Thursday – Sticky Tamarind and ginger Tofu with mangetout
  • Friday – Jerk Chicken and peas and rice
  • Saturday – Hot Dogs and/or burgers
  • Sunday – Roast Pork and pear with crispy sage, tenderstem and celeraic slaw (Mindful Chef cookbook)

You can check out some of my Mindful Chef recipes here

Lunches for the kids, they can choose what they want on each day. Kids are not going back to school for a couple more weeks!

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • cheese or ham (or even cucumber) sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles
  • eggy bread cheese sandwiches
  • sausage sandwiches
  • sausage and beans and waffles
  • quesadillas
  • chicken burgers

If you have kids and would like to get them interested in cooking, I’ve just become an affiliate for a fabulous kids monthly recipe box called Little Cooks. You can read my post about it here.

A Place to Eat

Mindful Eating, Is it Possible?

I joined Mindful Chef a while back. My main mission was to find inspiration for healthy meals for me and my eldest son while not having to buy a load of ingredients that the rest of the family wouldn’t eat. We are not dieting, but we are unhealthy and wondered if we could improve our health through our diet, mainly through mindful eating.

Mindful Chef is a food box delivery service where you choose from a selection of recipes each week and they deliver the food and recipe for you to make at home. You can choose how many meals you want and for how many people. There is lots of choice including vegan and vegetarian as well as meat dishes. The difference is, the food is all put together with health in mind.

I recently bought the cookbook from Mindful Chef so I could try some more of the recipes without having to wait for my box delivery. I thought there may be some things I could make up for the whole family too. I wasn’t disappointed and we’ve already tried four of the recipes from the book.

Why be Mindful about What you are eating?

We all, generally, think about what we are eating. We know when we are having too much sugar or salt, or even fatty foods. We think about when we rely on too many ready meals or take outs. But thinking about it and being mindful are two different concepts.

And Mindfulness is a word that is used a lot these days, with not many actually understanding it. With Mindful Chef the object is slow down from the hectic life style and living a healthy fulfilling life with food and nutrition being a fundamental part of this. Mindful Chef choose fresh food from the farm cutting out the supermarket, deliver just the right amount of ingredients to reduce waste and choose recipes that are wholesome with not refined carbs and totally gluten free. They also make them really tasty which is a bonus.

What do You get From Mindful Chef?

Well, we have not had a meal we’ve not enjoyed. There was one week where our menu got mixed up and we had recipes we’d not ordered. But they were fantastic about it and gave us the next box for free! Great customer service too. If you think you might like to try Mindful chef you can get 25% off your first four boxes just by using my referral link. I also get £10 off my next box too, so thanks if you give it a go.

Here are some of our plates from recent weeks.

Thai Red Curry with Courgetti

This was super tasty and I loved the courgetti, although I would say it would be good to drain it a little before putting it on the plate. It seemed to have quite a lot of liquid. You can put it in a sieve after spiralising it. (don’t have a spiraliser, I bought one for about £5 off Amazon!)

mindful chef eating, image shows a plate of Thai chicken curry with courgetti

Dukkah Pork

Not the best of photos as it’s hard to see the pork which was the star of the dish. Dukkah is a really tasty coating and we have replicated this dish again since. It was also the first time I had charred lettuce, but it was surprisingly tasty.

mindful eating, image shows a play with pork, bulgar wheat and charred lettuce.

Pork Meatballs and Parsnip chips

Confession time, this plate was my son’s and he really wasn’t keen on the parsnip chips, so I made him a little pasta to go with his. Pasta is high in carbs, so not entirely in line with the mindful chef way, but it doesn’t hurt to stray sometimes. These meatballs were incredibly tasty. And I loved the parsnip chips.

mindful eating, image shows pork meatballs in a rich tomato sauce

What do you think? Would you give mindful eating with Mindful Chef a go?

Weekly Meal Plan

A Place to Eat

Weekly Meal Plan – Mindful chef and a Birthday

It’s been a while since I did a meal plan, I’ve had some weird weeks where I just haven’t worked out what we are eating until the last minute. I overstocked the cupboards and freezers and we have had to make an effort to empty them a little. We have also been totally fed up with food and cooking. Do you get like that? One thing that has helped a little has been to go back to Mindful Chef. My eldest son said he wanted to try some healthier meals so we are giving them a go. We have hits and misses but so far it’s been mostly good. Last week’s menu was not exactly what we ordered, so they’ve given us next weeks order for free! If you want to give mindful chef a try you can get £20 off your first box and I can get £20 off too. All you have to do is put my e-mail in the referral box..my email is okesanne@gmail.com

Mindful chef

Recipes From Mindful Chef

This week we had a recipe for pork and lemon meatballs served with parsnip ribbons. They were delicious, but son is a big lad and I had to add some pasta as well.

pork and lemon meatballs from Mindful Chef

This Weeks Meal Plan

We don’t have any Mindful chef deliveries this week, but we do have a birthday take out in the plan.

This weeks meal plan - cookery programs
  • Monday – Pizza, salad and garlic bread
  • Tuesday – Take Out of choice from the Birthday girl
  • Wednesday – scallop risotto with brown butter
  • Thursday – pasta bake
  • Friday – Chimichangas with savoury rice.
  • Saturday – We’ll see what we fancy but it’ll most likely be curry or chicken and chips
  • Sunday – Toad in the Hole with mash and veg.

Lunches for the kids, which they generally make themselves.

  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • sandwiches
  • salad bar with soft tortillas
  • sausage rolls and cheese and crackers
  • toasted cheese sandwiches
  • fish cakes/ turkey dinosaurs and waffles

I haven’t put days as they can just pick what they want and which day.

I have recently discovered Binging with Babish on You Tube. He makes some really cool stuff based on television and movies. It’s where I got the idea for the Chimchangas (Deadpool from Marvel got upset when someone blew up his favourite Chimichunga restaurant.) You can also find Lars Ube roll from Stephen Universe and a Krabby Patty from Spongebob Square pants. Thankfully, Babish also does some more simple recipes and my daughter has just ordered his cookbook.

Linking up with Katy as usual. Click through to see what everyone else is making this week and most of all, stay safe x