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Weekly Meal Plan – Christmas Food

It’s that time of the year when your trolley starts to fill with those little extras that you only buy at Christmas. I remember as a child, that my Mum would order a Christmas hamper full of tins and packets. We would be having soup for lunch every day, and there were staples such as Spam and tins of pate. We would also have a huge jar of Branston Pickle and a packet of biscuits for cheese.

I still carry through some of the Christmas traditional food, I mean, it wouldn’t be the same without a box of Matchmakers or After Eights would it. This week I have a bottle of Bailey’s sneaking in. I love Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur but rarely buy it unless it’s Christmas. It’s so nice in hot chocolate too with loads of squirty cream on top. We never used to buy mince pies as Mum and Nan preferred to make them. But I start buying them as soon as they arrive in the supermarket. I love them so much, even at breakfast!

Anyway, I may have added a few extras this week and last but the big shop is being prepared for next week. The turkey crown is ordered separately, I may order a nice ham too and stick it in the slow cooker.

What is your favourite Christmas food?

Weekly Menu – Christmas Food

weekly menu poster, week before Christmas. Nearly Christmas

  • Monday – Pizza and garlic bread
  • Tuesday – chicken and chorizo paella
  • Wednesday – Curry
  • Thursday – Pasta bake
  • Friday – Brinner
  • Saturday – Jerk Chicken
  • Sunday – stir Fry

Last weeks menu didn’t go entirely to plan. Monday and Tuesday were fine…the duck was sublime. I buy it from Sainsbury’s and you just pop it in the oven. You get so much meat off the duck, which is a surprise, but I guess the price reflects that, I paid £6.50 for two breasts, so £13 for four. We had it with our own special egg fried rice recipe. It was so yummy. We also had the meatballs on Wednesday.

On Thursday we decided to have toad-in-the hole and on Friday Graham had to go out late and I wasn’t well enough to cook so we ended up with a chip shop dinner.

Saturday I was really poorly and I didn’t eat and I think Graham cooked pie and chips for everyone. We had our Sunday roast Chicken though.


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan – Christmas Food”

  1. You are definitely organized – I have a vague idea of what I’m fixing for a few days ahead. It’s just me so I can do what ever I want. #MMBC

  2. Ahh! I love Christmas food.
    I remember my mum getting a hamper each year for Christmas which my brother and I weren’t allowed to touch until the 23rd. lol
    I have a bottle of Baileys too. It is such a treat for Christmas.
    Fab meal plan. x

  3. You sound very organised! I’ve ordered a chicken and a piece of ham but haven’t made my mince pies yet. I’m intrigued to know what brinner is from your meal plan – I’ve never heard of it!


  4. I burned our pizzas that had been on our menu last week and we ended up with take out pizza instead that night. I’m not sure I have any favorite Christmas food though I do like a nice fresh cinnamon bun or chocolate chip muffin on Christmas morning. #MMBC

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