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Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Planning

I haven’t done a meal plan here in a little while because I was doing it on Monday after the shopping had arrived and it seemed disadvantageous. I do my weekly shop online on Sunday, so now I’m planning earlier so I know what I want to buy, rather than what I’m going to cook with what I’ve bought. It’s not rocket science really is it!

This Weeks Plan

  • Monday – Mediterranean fish and new potatoes
  • Tuesday – Turkey Meatballs and spaghetti
  • Wednesday – Hot Dog Rolls and fries
  • Thursday – Pasta bake
  • Friday – Fish and chips
  • Saturday – Curry
  • Sunday – Chicken roast

The fish on Monday is a pre-prepared one. Graham will need a chicken alternative due to his fish and seafood allergy

The Turkey meatballs we buy ready made and I make a lovely tomato based sauce for them. I don’t eat spaghetti (yes, even I’m a pain sometimes) so I’ll have mine with pasta instead.

Quick recipe – Hot Dog Rolls

Hot Dog rolls are surprisingly delicious. I buy frankfurter sausages and ready made puff pastry. Roll out the pastry and cut it into strips just a little longer and just over twice as wide as the sausages. The put the sausage in the middle and smear with mustard and tomato ketchup (or whatever relish you prefer.) Then I slit the pasty on either side of the sausage at slight angles kind of like wings on each side. Then brush with egg wash and fold the sides alternately. Or you can just wrap them up like sausage rolls. Brush the tops with egg wash and bake until puffed and golden (About 15 to 20 minutes.)

Young’s Frozen fish is our favourite brand. We have found that beer battered fish is less soggy when baked. If you want a fish without a soggy bottom then I’ve found getting it out of the freezer 10 minutes before cooking works best.

Curry on Saturday will be from a jar, we are currently trying all brands to find our favourite.

The Sunday Roast is not a family favourite, so I’ll provide some pasta dishes for those that complain.


We actually went to the supermarket last week, and still have some food left that will help with this weeks shop. I will be back to shopping online this week though.

One thing I picked up which I wouldn’t normally buy is cold teabags. Now I have to drink a lot of water because of my treatment and I get fed up of plain water. So, I thought I’d try something different. These are okay, a little less stronger than squash and they gave you the sort of flavour you’d expect from a bottle of still flavoured water. They were a bit more expensive but I found I could leave the ‘teabag’ in and keep refilling my bottle and the flavour lasted for about four 500ml bottles, so better value in the end.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan this week.


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan”

  1. I actually do my meal planning on a Thursday or Friday really when I am doing the online shop but blog about it on the Monday when the plan starts.
    Fab meal plan!
    I usually buy ready made meatballs too. So much less faff.
    The Hot Dog Rolls sound brilliant. We have made similar in the past and my girls loved them.
    Youngs is our go to brand for fish too. Great tip about getting it out of the freezer earlier. I do that with pizzas but never thought about doing it with fish too.
    We really like the Tesco Korma curry out of a jar and then I add some spices to liven it up a bit.
    The cold teabags sound interesting x

  2. Hiya
    We love the sound of your meal plan this week and the sausage rolls sound so yum. We like buying chicken frankfurters and they always come in handy for a quick dish like that or for topping up a plain cheese and tomato pizza.
    On the show coming up we also suggested Youngs battered fish for one of the families that really struggle with time to prepare meals.
    And since our friends from India and Pakistan showed us how to make the base for different curries, we make it ourselves as we can spice it the way we want. Not only that, but there’s a certain feeling we get from saying ‘we made it from scracth’.
    Thanks so much for giving us a sneak peek into your planning this week.

  3. I’ve never bought that type of prepared fish. I only ever buy fish in batter or plain frozen. I might give those a try coz when I saw Mediterranean fish on your plan I thought “yum”. And something pre-prepared with new potatoes sounds like a perfect “busy day” dinner.
    Thanks for sharing your plan. It’s given me some new ideas.

  4. This week’s plan sounds yummy! I think I will add hot dogs to our meal plan next week as the kids love them but we only ever seem to have them for lunch, however we could have them for dinner if we had wedges with them for example :)_

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