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4 Ways to Make Christmas Cheaper This Year

With prices of almost everything continuously on the rise, the thought of Christmas becomes even more daunting than before. Even though every single year you probably somehow scrape it together, it’s time to start preparing so that when you have done your shopping, it’s not such a hit on your wallet. Now we’re nearly in December, it’s time to start thinking about buying your gifts, and here’s how you can make Christmas cheaper this year.

Make your own gifts

A fantastic way of cutting back on costs when it comes to buying gifts this Christmas is by making your own gifts. You don’t necessarily have to be very creative minded to do it either. Things like candles and framing pictures of loved ones are great gifts that are really cheap to achieve. You can buy wax and fragrance oils really cheap and make homemade candles to give to your loved ones. If you’ve got a printer, buy some photo paper and some cheap frames and you’ve got another fantastic gift that your loved ones will cherish.

Check prices online

While there is something magical about physically going out Christmas shopping, you might sometimes end up paying more than you need to. Once you’ve got an approximate list of what you’re buying for each person, check the prices online beforehand. If, when it comes to actually shopping, it’s more expensive, you’d be better off buying them online and saving some money. Or, you could save yourself the stressful trip into town and shop online to begin with. Use discount finders like Honey to add even more of a price drop and save even more money. Simply install it into your browser and it will detect when you’re checking out and find any promotional codes it can apply for you.

Go second hand

Second hand might seem a little taboo, especially at Christmas, but there’s no reason why second hand items are of less value to someone than something that’s brand new. For example, if you’re planning on buying your teenager a new smartphone, consider buying a second hand one that’s been refurbished and save yourself some money. Your teenager will have a great phone and your bank account will certainly thank you.

It’s not just tech where you can make savings either. Head into second hand charity shops and browse through items of clothing, furniture, books, and even jewellery. You’re bound to find something for at least one of your recipients, so give your wallet a rest and take a look!

Don’t get lost in the hype

Finally, it’s important to not let yourself get lost in the hype of Christmas. It’s so easy to overspend, especially when you see how much people are spending plastered all over social media. The chances are they’ve gone into debt to afford Christmas, and it’s simply not worth it. Remember to only buy what you can afford, because Christmas isn’t just about the gifts, it’s about spending time with those you love – gifts are just an extra bonus. Lastly, have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for this excellent post! No matter what you choose to serve, the most important thing is to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

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