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Meal Planning – First Week in November

Can you believe it’s November already? What a strange year it has been, and now it looks like it’s going to get stranger. As I begin my November meal planning I hope my weekly shop is not affected like it was the last time we locked down. I’m going to stock up this week just to make sure…don’t worry, I won’t be taking all the pasta and toilet paper. Just a couple of extra tins and frozen veg, things that can keep us going if we do have to miss a food shop.

I missed doing a meal plan last week. Not a good idea, we ended up with a take away on Monday, and on Friday when I was feeling really ill, apparently, the only thing I would eat was a battered sausage from the chip shop. Graham cooked for everyone else though.

So, this week I’m back to planning. We have two meals coming from Mindful Chef but I will admit that this is the last week for a while. Money is getting a little tight, and will probably be tighter now with the restrictions and Christmas coming. As much as I love the Mindful Chef meals, they do work out a bit more expensive. I will go back to them when I feel I can.

Meal Planning, First Week in November.

weekly meal plan, a poster showing a few healthy meals with rice, vegetables and fruit.

Now, I’m worried that I’ve too much tofu and minced pork on the menu. The two Mindful chef recipes seemed like a good idea until my daughter decided she wanted to make a Mapo Curry which contains both minced pork and tofu. We may just have to move one of the meals over to next week and replace it with something else.

The girls are having lunch at home again as they are on a reduced timetable at school. I have a feeling that all three will be lunching at home again soon. Thankfully, we can afford to feed our kids, but I do feel so bad for those that can’t.

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning – First Week in November”

  1. Sounds like a delicious week of meals!

    I’m not stocking up on anything, as I know from last time we found meals regardless of how bad it got. Hope the shop goes well for you.

  2. I’m not even bothering with getting a food shop this coming week. Tesco are all booked up until the end of the month and to be honest we don’t actually need that much.
    Great meal plan x

  3. I find we struggle to keep a balance of meals/foods in our week too– I think that this week we have too much red meat on our menu. I try to stick to- -one fish, one chicken, one beef, one sandwich/easy meal, and one soup but that just doesn’t always happen. #MMBC

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