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Herbie the Basset Hound and other Dera Dogs

I love yarn and I love using Deramores. Not only do they have amazing wool bargains, they also have some fabulous patterns and kits. I’ve made some of their Dera dogs before, wait, I’ll show you one of mine later, but here is their latest addition, Herbie the Basset Hound and he’s way too cute not to share.

Herbie the Baset Hound from Deramores.

I love him, and I’m so tempted to buy the kit. You can get the digital pattern for just £1, the pattern and yarn for only £8.87 (10% off at time of publishing this post) and the pattern, yarn and stuffing for £12.80. How can you resist? Problem is, I’m more of a crochet person than knitting, but it’s certainly made me think of picking up those knitting needles again.

Other Dera Dogs

The Dera Dogs are growing all the time and you can make so many different pooches. Some knitted some crochet. Here are a pick of my favourites. (And they are all 10% off at the moment.)

I am an affiliate for Deramores so all links are affiliate links. This means that even though you won’t be charged a penny extra, if you use the links and purchase something I may earn some money from it.


Knitted Poodle

This gorgeous poodle comes as part of a kit of 3 knitted dogs. The patterns are free but you can get the yarn, stuffing, eyes and digital pattern for all three dogs for £12.33 (price correct at time of publishing.) The other dogs including are a Pug and a Rottweiler. Yarn is Deramores Studio DK.


knitted labrador

This adorable vanilla labrador called Dexter is knitted in Deramores DK. The digital pattern is free while the yarn and pattern is currently only £5.52 and the yarn, pattern, stuffing and eyes only £7.74.

Poppy the Crochet Poodle

If crochet is more your thing then you won’t miss out at Deramores. You can make this sweet amigurumi Poodle called Poppy.

poppy the poodle
Poppy the amigurumi Poodle

This Poodle pattern is also free but for the pattern and yarn you will pay £7.09, and for the pattern, yarn, stuffing and eyes the price is only £9.51

Dakota the Dalmatian

If it’s spotty dogs you like then you will love Dakota the Dalmatian.

dakota the dalmatian crochet dog, amigurumi
Dakota the Dalmatian

Also made in Deramores DK the digital pattern is free, the pattern and yarn is currently £5.32 and the pattern, stuffing, yarn and eyes only £8.78

Dera Dogs Crochet Kit

This fabulous kit feature three lovely dogs to crochet. a French Bulldog, a Pug and a Rottweiler.

arigurumi pug, bulldog and rottweiler
Crochet Dera Dogs set of Three

These fab three are available as a digital pattern only for £2.70. The yarn and pattern for all three is only £11.30


Here is one I made earlier. I bought the three dog kit and so far I’ve made the Pug.

My Pug

Do you think you might like to make a Dera-Dog? Which is your favourite?

Other Deramores Kits.

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2 thoughts on “Herbie the Basset Hound and other Dera Dogs”

  1. The variety and charm of the Dera Dogs collection, offering both knitted and crochet options, cater to different crafting preferences. It’s delightful to see such a range, from Herbie the Basset Hound to Dakota the Dalmatian, allowing for personalized choices in yarn craft. The dilemma between sticking to a familiar craft like crochet or venturing into knitting for these adorable patterns is relatable. If crochet is more your preference, Poppy the Poodle and the three-dog crochet kit seem like great options. As for a favorite, it really depends on personal taste and crafting comfort – do you lean towards the intricate detailing of a Dalmatian or the classic look of a Poodle?

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