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This Weeks Meal Plan

Last weeks meal plan went pretty well. Apart from swapping the days around a little, we had everything on the list…and no take outs!

This week I’m writing this on Sunday despite getting the shopping early and starting it on Saturday. And guess what? I’m starting with a take out! So, annoyed. I was really poorly yesterday, practically comatose from lunch time onward. So when it came to dinner time it was suggested that we had take out so I wouldn’t have to cook. I would much have preferred for someone else to do the cooking, but I was too weak to argue.

  • Saturday – Take Out (silent grrr)
  • Sunday – Salmon en croute (ready made from Sainsburys)
  • Monday – Paella
  • Tuesday -Lasagne
  • Wednesday – fish or Chicken and chips
  • Thursday – Fajita pasta bake
  • Friday Slow cooked lamb with pilau rice from Joleisa

Fingers crossed there will be no more take outs this week. Shopping this week came to £160. Take out cost me £36. Puts it into perspective doesn’t it?


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6 thoughts on “This Weeks Meal Plan”

  1. Comatose! OMG. We hope you’re well and back to your fittest self by now. No use spending energy on arguing at a time like this. But I do get what you mean. Such a high price when you could make something at a fraction of the cost.

    Loving the sound of Monday and Thursday’s meals. Do let us know what you think of the slow cooker lamb! Thanks for sharing. And have a great week ahead.

  2. I’m glad last weeks meal plan went well. We swapped a few meals around too but ate everything I planned.
    I hope you are feeling a bit better today!
    I love the sound of all of your meals especially the lamb dish on Friday x

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