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This Weeks Meal Plan

Last weeks meal plan went ok, again apart from the slow cooker lamb curry which as I speak is in the slow cooker! I also have some naan bread, although I didn’t make it, I’m being lazy again, but although I love making bread it can be time consuming and you can buy it ready made so cheaply.

Also we swapped our tacos for Chicken Souvlaki which were really tasty. I didn’t make my own pitta bread though, I bought some flat breads from Sainsburys. I have made pitta bread before though.

Instead of the curry we just had burgers and that’s why the curry is on the list today.


I’m keen to have a go at making some bread in my breadmaker. I bought it a while ago and as with most new kitchen gadgets it got used all the time at first, but now it’s gathering dust. I’m thinking of maybe a nice desert type of bread, chocolate and orange maybe? I’m off to look for a recipe now.

Oh, and the freezer is nearly empty so I’m hoping to defrost it tomorrow 🙂

This weeks Meal Plan

  • Saturday – Slow cooker lamb curry
  • Sunday – Lasagna
  • Monday – Tacos (because we didn’t have them last week)
  • Tuesday – chicken and chorizo paella
  • Wednesday – chicken and chips
  • Thursday – pizza
  • Friday – Toad-in-the-hole

I hope it goes well. I’m also hoping to do just one shop this week. Last week I did a shop at Sainsburys, but there were some things I could only get from Morrisons, so I split the shop between the two, taking forever to see which items were cheaper. I believe that Sainsburys is cheaper than Morrisons for so much more!

I still spent less than £200 though…and not one single take out. yippee!

We did go out for my brother’s birthday last Saturday and the bill for six of us was £55, which I think is amazing. We didn’t order desert because my brother had his birthday cake (Which I made.)


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7 thoughts on “This Weeks Meal Plan”

  1. You not making your own naan bread isn’t lazy, I think it’s quite sensible. I always buy them pre made.
    Good luck with the bread making. The chocolate and orange one sounds good.
    Great meal plan.
    We only shop at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons when we’re feeling rich. I find them so expensive compared to Tesco or Asda.
    £55 for the 6 of you for the meal is fantastic. We could easily spend that for the 4 of us. x

  2. All yummy food again! Well done on getting a celebration meal out fora good price! We always do what we can to get a good price.
    I hope your lamb curry turns out well and that everyone loves it.
    All the best for a fab week ahead.

  3. That is a fantastic cake! I would have thought Morrisons would be cheaper, so interesting. I often think of making naan bread but don’t get much further than that! #mealplanningmonday

  4. Amazing news on your spends and the lack of takeaway – well done!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my meal planning linky and sharing with us! Your meals for the week sound delicious and I hope this week is great for us all!

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