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Weekly Meal Plan – Get Into the Groove

Okay with this weeks meal plan I’m taking a spin on the Blogtober prompt of Get into the Groove. I’m not cheating, honestly. I struggle so much with making a weekly meal plan and last week I didn’t make one at all. Next week I need to be more organised and get my groove back!

There are ways of getting back into meal planning and being online can give you a plethora of meal ideas. It can sometimes be overwhelming though. I look at my sorry shelf of cookery books and remember the times I’d spend hours flicking through for inspiration, but now it can be done with a click and search for ingredients you have to hand. But how to stop being overwhelmed by it all is a whole new problem.

Here is what I do when I’m looking for inspiration:

Take a look at meal planning menu link up like Katy Kicker’s. I always find something on someone else’s menu that I want to add to mine..

Use a food box service. There are many available but I currently choose Mindful Chef because they healthier meals and I’m trying to improve my health. There are many other’s to choose from like Gousto and Simply Cook. You need to choose what suits your lifestyle and budget but they can be a great help for creating inspiration for meals

My final tip is to check the recipes section on online shopping sites. Often you can find something and add the ingredients to your basket with a click. I find this so convenient and use it often. I do make sure that I don’t add stuff I already have in my cupboard though.

So this week, I’m off the music track and using get into the groove as a foodie prompt.

Weekly Meal Plan – Get Into the Groove

my weekly meal plan image

I’m hoping I can stick to the plan as I’m in hospital again next week. I have treatment for four hours every day and it leaves me with massive headaches and fatigue. Having a plan will help a lot. (Graham does most of the cooking but I have to shop and plan and help if I can.)

If you are here from Blogtober, I’m Anne from Raisiebay and this is my other blog….I don’t want to confuse anyone 🙂

So today I have two link ups to join.


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan – Get Into the Groove”

  1. I couldn’t not meal plan now. Even if we don’t stick to it completely it still keeps us mostly on track.
    Fab meal plan. I do like the sound of the Mexican chilli and sweet potato nachos.
    Good luck at the hospital. I hope it all goes OK. x

    1. They can be expensive which is the big drawback, but I’m building up a whole new book of menu ideas with the ones we enjoy. Plus when Ive spent so much on the food it doesn’t get wasted, I won’t allow it!

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