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As I earn most of my money at home one of the ways I increase my income is with affiliate programs. I started this many years ago and I’ve tried several, but Awin affiliate program has been my favourite for a long time. Now I want to share with you how I make money using Awin. I will be writing further posts in the future as there is a lot to cover. You will be able to find them under the ‘A Place to Earn’ in my index bar at the top of my page.


There are many affiliate programs you can join but I’ve been a member of Awin for a while and I find them easy to use and get commissions from. They’ve been really reliable and although I haven’t made a huge fortune from them, the extra income has been more than any affiliate program I have used before. This is not the only reason I recommend them though. So I’m going to give you a review of what it’s like working with Awin.

Joining Awin

If you click the banner above you will be taken to the Awin sign up page as an affiliate or an influencer. You can also join if you want to use Awin to find affiliates for your business.

After joining I recommend you download the welcome pack and work through the instructions step by step. It’s really not complicated and getting set up is easy. You choose who you want to work with and with a click of button you can request to become an affiliate.

Once you have joined your selected advertisers you will see what they offer in the way of creatives. These are banners or images you can use to promote. For instance, I am affiliated with Deramores and Etsy (two of my favourites) so I can share these banners with a click to copy from Awin and then a paste into HTML on my site.

One of the reasons I love being affiliate with these advertisers is because they update their creatives frequently, and I have lots to write about for them because I love the sites and what they sell. I also manage to get the most clicks to these sites whenever I advertise them.

Choosing Advertisers

If you go ahead and join Awin, then read the instructions then you will not need me to tell you what to do. But there are a few points that I’d like to make and one of those is choosing advertisers. You can pick as many as you like but I think it’s wise to find your favourites and stick with them. If you like something but don’t want to put too much effort into promoting them you can stick a banner in your sidebar. But if it’s an advertiser you really want to promote then you can do so whenever you want.

You can place your banners and links almost anywhere on your blog, website or social media. They all require a little effort and are done in different ways, but your introduction manual will guide you how to do that step-by-step.

The more interest you have in the advertiser, the easier it is to promote. If you love something then you want to tell others about it and your enthusiasm shows. It works much better than a banner in your side bar or in the middle or bottom of your post. Enthuse about your advertisers products and people will click through to find out more. If they purchase you will earn.

I write blog posts about my favourite advertisers, I find it really easy to do so. A special occasion can make things easier. At Easter you will see me writing about chocolate, and for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, there are tons of gifts waiting to be written about. Catch a reader’s interest and they will buy. They may see something they’ve been looking for for ages, or they may just get a great idea of what they would like and click through to find more. They don’t have to buy the actual product, once they have clicked your link, no matter what they buy from that site, you will earn a commission.

If a site you are affliated with has some special offers or competitions you can share them and get clicks through to the site which may increase your profit from future purchases.

What’s great about Awin is, if you add a Publisher Master tag, whatever you link to on your website, if you are an affiliate it will send the clicker through your affiliate link. This means you don’t have to add your affiliate link yourself every time, it’s done automatically.

The instructions on adding a master tag are in the welcome pack.

Aside from Awin, some advertisers offer extra incentives for joining their programs and advertising for them. Etsy is good for this and feature an affiliate every month. They also offer gift vouchers in return for blog posts. So you may not get paid a fee for the post, but you can get a gift voucher and earn commission from anyone who clicks through and buys something. It all helps!

Social Media

If you don’t want to write blog posts you can write about your favourite advertisers and products on your social media and then link with your affiliate link. You can shorten your link so it looks neater on your posts, but it’s vital that you tell your readers that it is an affiliate link. This does put some people off clicking, but a good practice is to tell them that it’s not going to cost them any extra to click the link, but it may earn you some money. Then thank them. This method works a lot better. It’s open and honest and doesn’t break any advertising rules.

A lot of your advertisers will allow you to take images from their site and use them elsewhere so long as you are linking back. However, if you ask them, many of them can provide you with better images to use. Some sites do not allow you take pictures from their websites, so you will need to contact them. I’ve never had any issues in gaining images from my choice of advertisers.

Awin offers so much, including detailed reports about how well your links are doing, how many clicks they’ve had and if anyone has purchased. You can’t withdraw your cash until you reach £50, but that’s a good thing because it’s a great way of pushing you forward to reach your target. It’s an easy target to reach if you do it properly.

If you decide to sign up to Awin I’d be happy to help with any questions you may have.

I will be writing more posts on how you can earn money from affiliate advertising on Social media, including Pinterest. I’ll also tell you how to write the best posts. So watch this space and come back soon.

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