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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

I decided to read Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow after reading Mum of Thee World’s review. Unlike Sarah I know lots about gaming and that’s what drew me in.

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Gabrielle Zevin
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14 July 2022
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The Blurb

This is the story of Sam and Sadie. It’s not a romance, but it is about love.

When Sam catches sight of Sadie at a crowded train station one morning he is catapulted straight back to childhood, and the hours they spent immersed in playing games.
Their spark is instantly reignited and sets off a creative collaboration that will make them superstars. It is the 90s, and anything is possible.
What comes next is a decades-long tale of friendship and rivalry, fame and art, betrayal and tragedy, perfect worlds and imperfect ones. And, above all, our need to connect: to be loved and to love.

My Review of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Not really being a fan of love stories but totally into gaming I knew I would like this book. The story is basically about life itself but it revolves around two people and their love of gaming. Sam and Sadie meet first as children, Sam is in hospital and Sadie visiting her sister. They fall out and don’t speak for year. But then a chance meeting strikes up a new friendship, and even more, a business partnership.

They are making games while still students and make a hit game Ichigo. They then make a sequel and things start going well. After this things start moving in different directions for them both.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is the story of two people and spans decades of their lives. Living through love and grief and games. As in many of these types of stories there is a sense of frustration. And we long for a particular result but will it ever come. As a gamer myself I found some of the game chapters really interesting, I found the chapter NPC particularly moving and Pioneers was similar to Second Life.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow comes from Macbeth:

In this famous speech of Macbeth, he discusses the futility of life. However one tries or aspires, all, in the end, lead to the same end. Macbeth sees life as a “shadow” that is meaningless and void. Every “tomorrow” just creeps by at a slow pace without any differences to other days.

I enjoyed this story and would probably listen to it again.

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If you prefer you can buy the book on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin”

  1. I am not into gaming at all so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book. But I loved it – the whole relationship conundrum and the insight into the world of gaming makes it a really compelling read!


  2. I am not a gamer at all but I really enjoyed this story a lot; I listened to it on my Libby app a few months ago and thought it was really well done.

  3. So glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like you really related to the gaming aspects of it too.
    I sometimes got frustrated with Sam and Sadie too. I just wanted them to talk to each other and not make so many assumptions about each other and themselves.

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