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It was a few months back now when I saw an ad on Facebook for the Centre of Excellence for a course I was interested in. It was on special offer and I thought why not give it a try and I signed up.

After signing up, I also decided to become an affiliate for the program, so my links here will be affiliate links and could earn me a little money if you use them, at no extra cost to yourself. So thank you for supporting my blog.

What Can You Study with The Centre of Excellence?

There is so much to choose from but the main categories are:

  • Corporate Welfare
  • Child Education
  • Herbalist Courses
  • Language Courses
  • Aromatherapy Courses
  • Reflexology Courses
  • Massage Courses
  • Autism & Special Needs Courses
  • Reiki Courses
  • Life Coaching Courses
  • CBT courses
  • Mindfulness Courses
  • Psychic and Supernatural
  • Beauty and Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Counselling Courses
  • Psychology Courses
  • Diet and Nutrition Courses
  • NLP Courses
  • Hypnotherapy Courses
  • Animal Care Courses
  • Hobby and Craft
  • Writing Courses
  • Fitness and Well-being
  • Business, Marketing and PR
  • History Courses
  • Earth Sciences
  • Children’s Courses
  • Free Courses

Currently there are two free courses you can sign up for, these do change occasionally. It’s a great way of finding out if the style of learning is for you.

So, why not try Improve Your Memory Diploma Course for free. Or even do a Home Education Course to help your children, especially seeing as these days a lot of parents have decided to go down the home education route after the pandemic.

What I Like about The Centre of Excellence

I paid just £29 for my course on Reiki Crystal Healing and now I have access to all the course materials for as long as I wish. There is no rush to complete the course in a set time, you work at your own pace. I like to keep up with a couple of sessions a week though, just so I don’t fall behind or forget what I have learned.

At the end of each module there is an assessment which you complete online. It is then marked and sent back to you. At the end of the course you get a certificate if you have passed it.

There are many good reviews about the Centre of Excellence on Trustpilot and they have won lots of awards. The certificates you earn are CPD or Continuing Professional Development and are widely recognised. If you are doing a course to enhance your career though, it is worth checking that they accept CPD credits as qualifications.


There is plenty of support available from both The Centre of Excellence and the Facebook support groups. There are so many people doing courses and helping each other, or just being there for a boost or congratulations.

You can contact the support team by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions with your course or about the courses in general.

The Centre of Excellence is upfront with all the costs involved in taking the course you choose, including if you have to pay extra for the certificate. The costs vary on what course you want to take and what level.

The course costs vary but it’s worth looking out for special offers. Sometimes you can get an expensive course at a much cheaper price. Or you can even buy a bundle of courses and make a big saving. And remember, once you are signed up you can take your time in completing the courses.

For a little extra you can buy the paper or audio versions of the courses, but mostly you can do the courses online.

Have you thought about delving into a little more further education. I have a list of courses that I would like to do, but one step at a time.

Here are a few of the courses available:

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